Inside the Brand: Deity America

Built on the principle that everyone should have access to great hair care from plant based products that actually work, Deity America is providing healthy hair options for customers with a collection of hydrating and restoring products. Keep reading to go Inside the Brand with this company that specializes in ingredients that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, from the perspective of Glenn Silverstein, the company’s CEO.

Tell us a little about the conception of Deity America--what was the inspiration for the brand and how did it get its start?


The Deity America Brand of natural hair care products is made from natural plant extracts from Tibet, and inspired by my seeing another product, a plant-based shampoo for hair loss made with 100% plant extracts. At that time, I had been in the corporate hair care business for 15 years, working with many popular brands. I said to my wife Lisa, now President of our company, “If this product is for real, we have something that will help all people with hair loss problems”, and at that time there was nothing (else) like it in the Ethnic/Multicultural market. We tried it for 30 days, along with our friends and family, with unbelievable results--and that was the point where our journey began. This year we celebrate 10 years in business with over 20 items for hair loss, hair growth, conditioning, hydrating and repairing hair and scalp damage caused by chemicals and heat.

Who is the Deity America customer--what is their lifestyle like?
The Deity America customer is anyone with scalp conditions that need to be treated naturally. (Our products) are great for men, women and children.


What has been your best selling product to date?
Our best selling products are our Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss, our Tibet Tonic Hair Growth Restorer, our Serum Gro Scalp Treatment, and our Repairing Scalp Serum; plus our easy to use Color Change Shampoo in black, which is a semi permanent color--just shampoo it into your hair, leave it in for 5-10 minutes and cover your grays away.

March COCOTIQUE subscribers received 2 deluxe samples of your Deep Penetrating Conditioner in their boxes? What has been some of the best feedback you've received about this particular product in the past?
Consumers, family members and friends have said that our Extra Strength Deep Conditioner makes their hair soft, healthy, shiny and easy to manage; and it repairs the damage.


Over the past 20 years there have been so many products on the shelves in beauty supply stores that just don’t work, so consumers don’t believe that there is help out there--but with Deity America Products, there is! Please visit our website and request a FREE sample of our famous Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss, made with natural plant extracts.

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