Inside the Brand: SLAPS (Satin Lined Caps)

We’ve all dealt with it: the nightly struggle with a satin bonnet or scarf that refuses to stay on throughout the night and thus doesn’t adequately protect our tresses; or the decision between looking good for a partner or spouse when going to bed, and having manageable hair in the morning. Grace Eleyae has created the solution with her company, Satin Lined Caps (SLAPS). These versatile caps are available in a variety of colors, and will work with any hairstyle. Made to be both functional and fashionable, SLAPS are changing the way we protect our hair, and giving us more stylish options on how to wear it outside the house to boot.

Grace Eleyae, Founder Grace Eleyae, Founder

What inspired you to create a collection of satin lined sleep caps (SLAPS)?
Two major things, actually. First was the need for convenience. I was going through some major breakage, and I knew that part of that was because I found myself going to bed without my satin scarf often — but then, when I actually did go to bed with it on, I’d wake up in the morning with it strewn about, completely off my head. I knew I needed a more compact, condensed way to go to sleep at night. I wanted something that was as easy to put on as a bonnet, but that looked more fashionable…which leads me to my second reason: I wanted to look good when I went to bed. I’m single, and some of my married girlfriends would tell me how their husbands (who love them exactly for who they are and aren’t asking them to change in any way), would make fun of their choice of headdress for bed. I wanted a solution to offer them to avoid those teases…and a solution for myself for when I do get married :).


With a "fashionable exterior fabric", SLAPS can be worn outside and styled as part of a woman's outfit. Why did you decide to make it functional for every day wear, as opposed to just for sleeping?
Another part of the convenience that I was desperately seeking, was the ability to wake up in the morning, and having not done my hair yet, go down the street to grab my morning coffee without looking like I was just getting out of bed. That was huge. Especially during those times when I was in-between styles — a.k.a. my hair was out in all of its glory, and I needed to go to the hair supply store or hair salon. I didn’t want it to look like I was hiding anything (even though I was — my undone hair).

So many satin caps, scarves and bonnets can have a tendency to slide off the hair while sleeping. What keeps SLAPS from doing the same?
The SLAP has an elastic band around the edge that keeps it in place all day and night.


Can SLAPS work for all types of hair from relaxed, to curly to braids and everything in between?
Yes, yes and YES! This is a versatile cap that works for all hair types. I’ve seen naturals with larger-than-life Afros fit their pineapples into the SLAP, and relaxed girls wear it both to bed and with their hair half-in as a complement to their outfits. My little sister, who had long box braids, would put her braids in a bun, then put on the slap, and she said it would help keep the pressure that long braids can cause off of her edges.

What role has social media and/or bloggers played in spreading the word about your product?

We’ve been so blessed by the response by bloggers who have taken a liking to the SLAP. The YouTuber Cloudy Apples led the charge by including it in her nighttime routine video, and so many have followed since then. Both video and print bloggers have played a huge role in getting the word out.

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