Have you ever wonder why and how a skincare company chooses their main ingredient? We spoke with our Brand Partner, TriDerma MD® about all there is to know about Aloe Vera and how they use it to develop effective and affordable skincare solutions that can help anyone with minor skin irritations, without harmful ingredients.

Tell us about the benefits of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is Mother Nature’s best kept secret! And since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, people have loved to use aloe for a number of different topical healing treatments. Even though aloe is easily accessible, not all aloe is created equal. With over 500 species of aloe, there are only a few that contain medicinal healing properties. And the specific species we have chosen, naturally contains over 200 healing properties to help speed healing and the appearance of healthy skin.

Out of all the natural healing elements, why Aloe Vera?

We choose to use Organic Aloe Vera in our AP4® Organic Aloe Complex because of its many healing properties. This complex acts as a precursor to the skin and when combined with our specifically chosen healing botanicals, it makes the product work faster and more effectively. We use only the finest grade Organic Aloe Vera, aloe barbadensis in all of our products and believe in the power of nature to help heal skin.


What are the top 5 reasons to use Aloe Vera?

  1. Our Aloe Vera used in our AP4® Organic Aloe Complex naturals contains more than 200 healing properties, like anti-inflammatories to help reduce swelling, anti-bacterials to fight bacteria and analgesic’s to soothe pain.

  2. We have chosen to use Aloe Vera in every single TriDerma MD® product because it helps act as a precursor to the skin. This means that it allows our specifically chosen healing botanicals to work faster and help speed healing rather than sit on top of the skin’s surface and eventually wipe-off.

  3. Aloe is versatile! Although most people associate aloe as a gel that helps sunburns, it actually is an effective skin moisturizer that helps heal all kinds of skin irritations and leaves skin feeling soothed and refreshed.

  4. Aloe has hydrating benefits and helps create a protective barrier on the skin. This barrier allows for the skin to heal and retain moisture.

  5. Aloe is a known ingredient that has been used for centuries, even claimed to have been used by Cleopatra in her beauty routine. The fact that it has been used for so many years is proof that this plant and its benefits are powerful.

What are some of the common skin care concerns that TriDerma researches before developing product?

Our flagship product, Intense Fast Healing® Cream, has helped thousands find relief for hard-to-heal skin irritations and overall healthy-looking skin. This product’s popularity helped TriDerma® discover the need to help heal specific skin conditions. Today, our most popular products help conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea. The formulation of each of these products involves years of customer feedback and customer approval, as well as following along with FDA approved ingredient guidelines. We leave out harmful ingredients like cortisone, parabens and steroids, and instead focus on medical strength healing botanicals.

What products can you suggest to treat these concerns?

For those who suffer from Eczema related symptoms, we recommend the Eczema Fast Healing™ Cream. Made with Soothing Oats & Shea Butter, this non-greasy cream helps relieve itching and rashes for healthier looking skin.


If you suffer from Psoriasis, try our Psoriasis Control® Cream made with Salicylic Acid and healing botanicals like Colloidal Oatmeal and Shea Butter. This non-greasy cream helps reduce red, scaly skin and itching without harmful ingredients.

Our Facial Redness Cleanser™ and Facial Redness Repair™ duo help reduce the appearance of red, irritated skin prone to Rosacea. The Facial Redness Cleanser™ is packed with healing botanicals and is recommended to be followed with the Facial Redness Repair™ (use daily as a moisturizer).

What’s next for TriDerma?

TriDerma is always on the lookout for medical strength healing botanicals and will continue to help our customers find relief by providing effective and affordable skin care, without harmful ingredients.

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