Are you looking for a great moisturizer as we approach these cold winter months? As the weather changes, we can expect for our skin to go through some changes as well. Thanks to Saidah Pearsall, of Shea BODYWORKS, who has whipped up an all-natural remedy that can nourish and transform your dry sensitive skin all year long. Read all about how Pearsall turned a simple need to treat dry skin into becoming a full-blown company.

What was your inspiration for creating Shea BODYWORKS?

Shea BODYWORKS was inspired by my daughter’s need for a really good moisturizer. My daughter is a die-hard gymnast and the chalk used by gymnast caused her already dry skin to become severely dry, rough and dull. We tried tons of products to help heal and moisturize her skin, but nothing seemed to work. So, with my knowledge of natural oils and butters passed down to me from my mother, I created a moisturizing product for her skin. I knew that if these natural oils and butters could heal my skin as a burn victim, they would work wonders on her skin. Needless to say, my daughter fell in love with the product and said “Mom you should be selling this”, so I took her advice and started Shea BODYWORKS.

What is your commitment to people who suffer from dry skin and hair issues?

I understand the struggles of dealing with dry skin and hair. Dealing with my daughter's issues has made me more compassionate and sympathetic to those who struggle with these issues on a daily bases. In my research, I’ve learned that hydration along with humectants and emollients are key to providing relief and repair to dry skin. Shea BODYWORKS is committed to bringing relief to those that suffer from dry skin using all natural ingredients that will help to lock in moisture and keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

Tell us about Blissful Body Shine Orange Collection.

We created the Blissful Body Shine line because of our customers. They loved how our other products moisturized and softened the skin, but they also wanted a product that would give their skin a natural glow and shine. So, we played around with ingredients until we came up with a product that would give the skin a nice glow in addition to moisturizing it. After several failed attempts in creating the Blissful Body Shine, we finally found success. Now, we have women of all ethnicities using the Blissful Body Shine because it gives the skin a nice sheen. Our Orange Blissful Body Shine is amazing and the Orange essential oil used in the product smells good enough to eat.

What products can you suggest from the Blissful Body Shine Orange?

Happy Hands and Feet Balm was inspired by the fact that I could not find any hand and foot products on the market that were all natural and worked without constantly having to be reapplied. Our Happy Hands and Feet Balm works almost instantly to moisturize and soften the hands and feet, it can also be used on dry areas like the knees and elbows. We use natural oils and butters in this product so a little goes a long way. Our customers can’t believe how soft their hands and feet become after their first use. Also, this product will have you kissing all the heel files and scrapers good-bye. Our Orange Happy Hands and Feet Balm is amazing and the Orange essential oil used in the product smells good enough to eat. We hope you enjoy!

Next, our Calming Bath Salt is also an all-natural product that is made without dyes, glycerin, mineral oil, or parabens. You can unwind, relax and detoxify as you soak in Epson salt combined with the calming scent of dried lavender and lavender essential oil.

What are the benefits of using natural unrefined raw Shea Butter?

There are so many benefits to using natural unrefined raw Shea Butter. Unrefined Shea Butter is the purest and the least processed. On the grading system for Shea Butter, Unrefined Shea Butter is a Grade A. When it comes to using it on the skin, it yields amazing results. Shea Butter is also a natural moisturizer that has a mild SPF. If used daily, it will also help to fend off stretch marks. Unrefined Shea Butter also contains Vitamin E, which helps to soothe dry skin and improve the skin's elasticity. Shea Butter is also a great anti-aging product as well as a great treatment for skin irritations, inflammation and acne.

What are the benefits of orange essential oil?

The Benefits of using Orange essential oil:

Boots immunity
Helps to soothe skin inflammation like acne and dermatitis
Provides quick and effective relief from inflammation
Mild aphrodisiac properties
Helps to alleviate anxiety, anger and depression

Is this product good for all skin types?

Yes, especially dry to extremely dry and sensitive skin.

Can you use this on both your body and hair?

Yes! All of the natural ingredients used in this product can be found in most natural hair care products. We have customers that use this product on their hair and skin because it does a great job of softening and moisturizing both the skin and hair.

Because the Shea Butter is raw, how long is its shelf life?

12- 18 months.

What’s next for Shea BODYWORKS?

We are currently working on a couple of partnerships in an effort to grow our brand. We would like to offer skin care classes to educate consumers on ways to incorporate natural ingredients into their daily skin care regimens.
Ultimately, Shea BODYWORKS would love to receive press in beauty and fitness magazines.

Each of our customers that purchase our Fall/Holiday Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box will get a full size Happy Hands and Feet Balm in their box. What is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

We use simple and natural, plant-based ingredients in all of our products. Every ingredient is easily recognizable and easy to pronounce. The unique texture of our balms and butters allows for quick absorption into the skin, leaving the skin moisturized and soft. We are an all-natural company that creates skin care experiences and not just skin care products.

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