5 Reasons to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

By GG Renee

Every day you are bombarded with people’s priorities, agendas and opinions. To not be overwhelmed by these things, spend quality time alone with your thoughts often. Write, pray, meditate, exercise — whatever puts you in touch with your soul. Set your intentions and focus on what matters to you so the weight of the world can’t keep you down.

Writing a self-love letter is a great way to bring yourself back home to the part of you, underneath all the noise, where there are no pretenses. You are just a soul wanting to love and be loved. Everything we want, everything we avoid, everything we do comes from this desire. It takes on different forms and behaviors and we call it all kinds of things, but it’s all love. We want it so badly and yet we have such a hard time giving it to ourselves.

By writing down the loving words you need to hear, you soothe yourself. You are able to give yourself comfort that no one else can provide or take away. You need that, you deserve it and you should be deliberate about it.

What if you wrote a self-love letter to yourself once a month? How could that habit bring you more peace and happiness?

  1. By opening up the dialogue between you and your deeper self, you can relieve the tension and sadness that comes from feeling misunderstood. Even if there is no one else you can really open up to, you have yourself. Your secrets, your emotions, your mistakes, and the meaning of your life are yours to explore without judgment.

  2. Instead of being ashamed of that deep down place where most people don’t know you, explore it. Give your softest, most vulnerable voice an outlet. Build your confidence in it. This is meant to be your treasure, not your prison.

  3. Change your self-talk. Break the cycle of criticizing yourself and beating yourself up by showering yourself with grace. Tell yourself that you will heal. You will try again. Forgiveness is an attitude that should be applied to every relationship, particularly the one you have with yourself.

  4. Discover what you love and how you want to be loved. As you write these letters to yourself, you will see more clearly how you want to be treated and spoken to. A self-love letter is a place where you don’t need to shrink from what you truly feel. You can surrender to yourself, say yes to your complexity and see how it feels to be unconditionally kind to yourself.

  5. Become your own soul mate. Explore your layers and motivations and look forward to spending this time to connect with yourself. Sometimes you don’t know how you truly feel or what’s missing until you shut up all the outside noise, turn off the judgment in your own mind and just write to yourself with all love and no shame.

Give it a try. Start with once a week, once a month, something consistent but reasonable. Over time you will start looking back and rereading what you’ve written and you’ll see growth and a stronger sense of self-worth.

GG Renee is an independent author, a creativity coach, a feeler and an overthinker. She writes for the crazy beautiful complex free creative inspired love drunk woman who relishes her quiet time and believes in miracles. Blog // Twitter // Instagram