January 2016

5 Reasons to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

By GG Renee Every day you are bombarded with people’s priorities, agendas and opinions. To not be overwhelmed by these things, spend quality time alone with your thoughts often. Write, pray, meditate, exercise — whatever puts you in touch with your soul. Set your intentions and focus on what ma... View Post

Inside the Brand: Novex

Brazilian company Embelleze created Novex as a way to address the hair care needs of Brazilian women. Now, Novex can be used on any woman’s hair that needs to have shine and smoothness restored. Our January subscribers received their Brazilian Deep Conditioning Treatment, enriched with vitamin E ... View Post

COCOBelle: Desiree Verdejo of Vivrant Beauty

What happens when an attorney discovers a passion for hair and skin care and decides to pursue a new profession? You get Vivrant Beauty, a brand new space for beauty that focuses on women-owned, person of color-owned brands, and products that meet at the intersection of being toxin-free and yet s... View Post

Inside the Brand: Urban Skin Rx

Let us take you Inside the Brand with Urban Skin Rx! Rachel Roff, Owner and Founder, gives us a glimpse into what prompted her to start the brand, and how the Even Tone Cleansing Bar our January subscribers received can help heal your skin. What was the inspiration behind the inception of the U... View Post

COCOBlogger: Ashlee Tuck of Will Drink For Travel

What began as a travel diary for Ashlee Tuck while she journeyed to Tanzania has become an online destination where readers can go for her tips on the best places to travel, and the best spirits to consume while doing it! Will Drink For Travel focuses on Ashlee’s varied international experiences,... View Post

Ultimate Beauty Arsenal: L’oreal Edmondson, Advancement Director

L'oreal Edmondson is the Director of Institutional Advancement at Bishop McNamara High School in Southern Maryland. It is her job to ensure that over 11,000 alumni and 1,000 parents stayed connected to the School through social events, fundraising initiatives, print publications and various socia... View Post