Inside the Brand: Urban Skin Rx

Let us take you Inside the Brand with Urban Skin Rx! Rachel Roff, Owner and Founder, gives us a glimpse into what prompted her to start the brand, and how the Even Tone Cleansing Bar our January subscribers received can help heal your skin.

What was the inspiration behind the inception of the Urban Skin Rx brand?

My mother. Since 2006, I have had a very successful medical spa and laser center in Charlotte, NC that specializes in ALL skin tones and types. My mother, who lives in California, kept pushing me to do a skin care line that was the same theme as my medical spa that could reach and help a wider population than just in Charlotte.

Can customers with all types of skin issues use Urban Skin Rx products?
Yes 100%! It is for the darkest to the fairest skin tones. We have products for sensitive, to normal skin to extremely problematic skin.

What has been your best selling product to date?

Our Even Tone Cleansing Bar

Our January subscribers received your Even Tone Cleansing Bar. Tell us more about how they should use this and the benefits they will see in their skin.
The full size Even Tone Cleansing Bar comes in a jar with a sponge. You wet the sponge, rub it against the cleansing bar and create a lather. Then apply the sponge in circular motions to the face and neck. Let the lather sit on the face like a mask for 2 minutes. Rinse.

With the sample, I recommend wetting the soap, creating a lather and applying with your hands, and then allowing the lather to sit on the skin for 2 minutes before rinsing.

Peer reviews and recommendations play a large role in brand referrals, especially on social media. How can your audience connect with you or any influencers you work with via social media?
You can follow our company on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook: @Urbanskinrx.