If you’re looking to create a goddess look this summer, you don’t want to be without the Goddess Palette from GlōGirl Cosmetics from our Mother’s Day Limited Edition Beauty Box. This palette has nine alluring colors that are highly pigmented and fearlessly bold enough to have heads turning, no matter what look you choose. We partnered with GlōGirl Cosmetics Founder, Tosca Hillman, a makeup artist, educator, and executive for this Limited Edition Box and are truly in love with her Goddess Palette. Read all about this beauty industry vet who celebrates and empowers the beauty of ethnic women.
When and how did the Brand get its start?
GlōGirl Cosmetics launched in 2014 initially as a lipstick brand. As a former makeup artist, I wanted to create quality high pigmented lipstick that women with deeper complexions from all backgrounds could enjoy. My initial vision has since evolved to create a whole brand that is expressive and inclusive of women whose global beauty that I am inspired by and don’t see enough of. There is a new awakening happening in the beauty industry that is long overdue and GlōGirl Cosmetics is happy to be a part of the evolution.
What inspired the Goddess Palette?
I’ve always been intrigued by the Egyptian goddesses. They are a form of divine inspiration. The Goddess palette however, is not only limited to goddesses, but also to women of color who have helped to redefine and shape society from poetry, music to social justice. To be a goddess is to be strong, wise and powerful and that’s how I want people to feel when they use one of our palettes.
What tips can you give us on how to use this palette?
Goddess is a great palette that can be used both day and night. One of my favorite colors is Elaine. I literally mix it with EVERYTHING. Maya is also a great base or crease color that gives more of an earthy, natural look. I also use it to tone down some of the shimmer if I’m going for a softer look. Melina is also a fan favorite. It such a cool, vibrant color. I haven’t really seen one like it. Makeup has no rules and I always encourage people to try out fun new ways of using the product.
What are the top makeup trends for this summer?
I think highlighters and glowing skin continue to be on trend. What is changing is the application techniques. I think we’re moving away from the overly exaggerated contour shimmer and moving more towards a soft glow. On deeper complexions, I love a little bit of our Cōcoa Glō Glōlighter applied softly on the cheeks and down the nose. You can also use it on the eye lids for a really pretty natural smokey look. Sometimes I mix in a little Sungoddess Glōlighter for a pop of color on the cheeks. My favorite is a soon to be released called BLISS and it looks just like that. It’s similar to a rose gold, but pinker, which I love. If you want something not as colorful in the interim, I highly recommend LIT. It is more of a champagne tone.
As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to other women who aspire to start their own business?
As an entrepreneur you will learn so much about yourself and the people around you. Not everyone will understand your vision. You will fail. You will have to recalibrate more than once. Life and all that comes with it doesn’t stop just because you have decided to start your own business and there’s no such thing as “the right time.” Everyone is running their own race, meaning that you can’t measure your success by looking at how well someone else is doing. Mindset is everything. That is what is going to ultimately determine your success. So, never give up and learn to be your own sunshine on a cloudy day.
What’s next for Glo Girl Cosmetics?
We are currently traveling with The Make Up Show. Fans will be able to see us at the San Francisco and Washington DC shows this summer and fall. In addition to that, we’re really excited about our soon to be released Glōlighter additions that will be out this summer. We are also cooking up some other projects that we’re really excited about.
For those who purchase the Mother’s Day Limited Edition Beauty Box will receive a full size Goddess Palette in their box. What is the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?
Think of the quote on the back of the Goddess Palette sums it up perfectly, "A powerful inspiration of eyeshadows for the strong, the fearlessly bold and the beautifully unapologetic. Find your Goddess." To keep up with GloGirl Cosmetics, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE COCOTIQUE15 FOR 15% OFFSITEWIDE AT GLOGIRLCOSMETICS.COM - EXPIRES DECEMBER 31, 2019