Everyone needs a little pop in their lives, Popband that is. Popband is the world’s kindest hair tie. You will find a pack of 3 in the May Box from the brand’s namesake, Popband. Popband was created out of sheer necessity. Lou Booth created her London based company to find an alternative to hair ties that were damaging her daughters’ hair. Find out more about her clever invention and how the brand got its start.
How did the brand get its start?
We started selling Popbands in salons and independent boutiques, but once Harry Styles wore them we knew we were going to get some attention!
What was the inspiration for Popband?
I have two daughters with huge amounts of long curly hair and I often had to cut hair ties out of their hair. I wanted to find an alternative to cutting the hair ties. I found some elastic that didn’t rip out their hair and realized that it also didn’t dent or kink the hair -- perfect for us all! I realized that others constantly wanted the Popbands as I handed them out my to friends and family.
When did you launch in the US?
We launched with Ulta in 2018
What type of material do you use to make the Popband?
Popbands are made from the softest elastic. An interesting fact, we use the same elastic that is used to make underwear!
How does your Popband differ from other hair accessories?
We always focus on quality, using the softest and strongest elastic. Others copy us, but if it doesn’t say Popband, it’s not a Popband!
How does this work on natural hair?
Popbands are soft but very strong, and great for all hair types!
What are your most popular Popbands?
There really is a Popband for everybody, but anything in pinks or blacks are always popular!
Subscribers will receive 3 Popband hair ties in their May Box. What is the one thing you would like to leave with them?
When you don’t wear your Popband in your hair, pop it on your wrist for cute arm candy! To keep up with Popband, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.