Toni Sterrett - Filmmaker/Writer/Photographer

We know that every COCOBelle has her staple items that she can’t live without–we like to call it, her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal. Every arsenal is different, because every COCOBelle is unique. Our goal with our Ultimate Beauty Arsenal series is to showcase women who have varying lifestyle and beauty needs, in the hope that you’ll not only be able to relate–but that through reading about their beauty must-haves, you’ll find a few holy grail items of your own. In this post we ask Toni Sterrett: Filmmaker/Writer/Photographer, what’s in her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

Hair: I love all of Prive's products and organic cold pressed coconut oil for moisture.

Makeup: I use Clinique Even Better foundation.

Skin care: I use Dove unscented soap to wash and organic apple cider vinegar and water for toner. Then I moisturize with Burts Bees sensitive skin cream. On my body, I love organic coconut oil and Nivea lotion.

Nails: I'm an Essie girl all the way!

Fragrance: Joya's Ames Soeurs in the winter, and Chanel COCO Mademoiselle in the summer.

Beauty Indulgence: My beauty indulgence would have to be spa treatments, particularly facials and massages. When you feel good on the inside, you look better on the outside. I go as often as possible.

Toni, is a writer, director and producer whose 1st feature film, August The First, was nominated for a Gotham award. She's worked with clients such as Clinique, Nissan and AOL to bring their creative visions to light. A published writer at 8 years old, she continues to push boundaries with her pen and her camera. She recently won the Vibe next female filmmaker award and is a finalist for the NBC Directing Lab. She is a creative soul who best expresses herself behind the lens and on paper. You can see some of her work here.