Christene Carr – Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Writer

We know that every COCOBelle has her staple items that she can’t live without–we like to call it, her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal. Every arsenal is different, because every COCOBelle is unique. Our goal with our Ultimate Beauty Arsenal series is to showcase women who have varying lifestyle and beauty needs, in the hope that you’ll not only be able to relate–but that through reading about their beauty must-haves, you’ll find a few holy grail items of your own. In this post we ask Christene Carr: Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Fashion and Beauty Writer,, what’s in her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

Hair: Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: I sometimes think I have some of the coarsest natural hair known to mankind. Overnight coconut oil treatments help me to keep my hair relatively soft and definitely more healthy. Coconut oil is the only oil I know of that actually penetrates the hair cuticle and helps to moisture and strengthen the hair from the inside out. For someone with hair as dry and brittle as mine this is like world peace.

Makeup: I love Cover FX Cream Foundation. Their shade range is extensive and the coverage is phenomenal. It can be applied really sheer for a "makeup free" look but can also be built up for complete and full coverage. It's really my favorite foundation of all time. I give it holy grail status.

Skin Care: Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser is my default cleanser. I definitely test a lot of products, but in those two weeks where I'm "resetting my skin" it's always Mario Badescu's enzyme cleanser. It cleans without over drying but also helps to smooth and normalize my skin. It is great for use all year long.

Nails: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: I'm nothing without a great manicure but I like doing my nails at home. When my cuticles start to look a little rough I wet my hands, apply this product, wait a few seconds and brush away dead skin, revealing flawless cuticles. I've been using it since college. Eons ago.

Fragrance: This is hard because I'm a bit of a fragrance junkie. To be fair, I’ll list three. Gucci Premiere: a sophisticated fragrance but very easy to wear and a good everyday fragrance. It has a bit of floral but is anchored by leather and wood notes. Caudalie The des Vignes: I fell in love with this fragrance at first whiff, it has a subtle sexiness that makes it irresistible. It contains jasmine, ginger and neroli, which happen to be a few of my favorite notes. Christian Dior Oud Ispahan: starts off a bit light but quickly turns warm and spicy and stops just shy of being too intoxicating. It is a bold fragrance with heavy Oriental influence. It is spicy, sexy and one of my wintertime favorites.

Beauty Indulgence:
I'm a DIY beauty girl but I love to get the occasional professional facial. I almost always fall asleep during the treatment - a true sign of my ability to relax.

Christene Carr is an adept marketing generalist who has a particular passion for the health, beauty and wellness category. She currently serves as a Digital and Social Media Strategist where she works with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Christene is also the Associate Editor, writer and Social Media Strategist for ThisThatBeauty, a top tier beauty blog.