This Plant-Based Nail Polish is Changing the Game

Happy Young People Everywhere -- That’s what Hype Nail Polish is all about. Have you ever heard of a nail polish that was made from vegetables? If this sounds odd, it really isn’t. Hype Nail Polish is very passionate about the environment and creating a line of luxury nail enamel that is toxic-free and cruelty-free. Find out more about how this plant-based nail polish is made and what colors will work for you this spring.


How did Hype Nail get its start?

Hype Nail started with the quest to remove the reliance on petroleum, non-renewable, based cosmetic products. Our nail enamels grew from this journey. Taking simple potatoes and corn that has been cultivated for centuries, and continues to be every year, we developed a formula that results in a nail enamel that is long lasting, quick drying, and created with 85% plant based renewable and ecologically friendly ingredients. 

The nail enamel comes in 45 vibrant rich colors and 4 nail treatments.  Our pricing is economical compared to many other nail enamels. We are sure if you try the product you will become an apostle of our brand, simultaneously feeling better for helping our planet in your own small way.


What is the inspiration behind you brand name?

Happy Young People Everywhere – modern and vibrant plant based and toxic free nail polish.

The brand proves that it is possible to create polish that wears well, looks great, and is healthy for humans and the environment.


Talk to us about your uniquely patented formula used to make Hype Nail Polish. 

Derived from potatoes, corn, and yuca.  This nail polish is naturally colorful.


What does 7-free mean?

7-free means that it is free from toxic chemicals that are known to contain no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene.


How dangerous are these ingredients?

Traditional nail polish has acquired a bad reputation, largely due to chemical ingredients and a harsh odor. Besides irritating your senses with a poignant scent, "nail polishes” contain solvents and some ingredients that can potentially cause health issues and irritation if inhaled in large quantities. It is possible for toxins to enter the human bloodstream through a person's nail beds. Duke University performed a study that found exposure to certain polish ingredients can lead to reproductive and developmental problems. Formaldehyde, commonly used to preserve dead bodies, has been linked to throat and lung issues, skin rashes, and certain cancers.


What inspired you to create a plant-based product?

We are an ecofriendly manufacturer and committed to treating the world around us with respect. We do not include any animal ingredients or byproducts. We are cruelty free; Leaping Bunny Certified. This mindset led us to create an ecologically friendly plant-based nail polish that does not pose a threat to human health and on the environment.


What can women expect from Hype Nail Polish?

Long lasting wear, quick drying, and chip resistant.

HYPE 7-Free Nail Polish Color Chart


How many colors does Hype Nail Polish come in? 

45 on trend colors and 4 nail treatments with an easy to apply big brush that covers the entire nail in one stroke and doesn’t leave any lines.


What’s your inspiration behind choosing the nail colors for your line?

Our colors are designed for the woman who is not afraid to pursue her dreams and has a happy and joyful approach towards life. Through color, she enjoys herself and expresses her feelings. Always the big optimist, she sees the world through a vast variety of color and has a positive influence in those around her.  She is a woman who is naturally colorful.

Hype Nail Holiday (Gift Set)

What are you top selling colors?

Our top selling Hype colors fluctuate with the season and region, however, find below some of the top sellers, which are also found in our Holiday Collection gift set that we created: 

What nail colors are trending for this spring?

We understand that the trends for this spring will be pastels and bright bold tones. Whether it's a shade of Mint (Hype ref. no. 21) green or any pretty pastel (examples: Hype - Baby - ref. 02, Waterlily - ref. 23, Sweet Dreams - ref. 22, Weekend - 26, Sun of May - 43) related nail colors in honor of Easter.  


What’s next for Hype Nail?

Continuing to develop awesome colors and fabulous collection gifts sets aside from the Any Season and Every Occasion collection gift sets that we offer today.

Our team is presently researching how nail polishes are healthy for your nails – both petro-based and our unique plant-based versions.


Subscribers who get the March Box will get a bottle of Hype Nail Color. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Hype nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free formula and made in the USA.

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