Fragrances often remind us of someone or something familiar. Sexual Paris is a highly seductive scent that can be worn with the intention of true love. Michel Germain developed this floriental fragrance to please his wife. Read all about the history of this beautiful sophisticated Parisian scent and how one spritz will make you lose all inhibitions.
When did the brand get its start?
Michel began his career out of love for his wife, Norma in search of a fragrance blend that she would fall madly in love with every day. When
Michel met Norma, she refused to wear any fragrance. She could not find one that smelled breathtakingly gorgeous or one that made her feel sexual and attractive, as if she had that intensity of attraction no one else could claim. When he blended his first fragrance 25 years ago, he tested the perfume on thousands of women, in and out of focus groups, before he offered it as a gift to Norma. She loved the perfume and Michel named it, "Sexual". It became an international best seller worn by millions. With each subsequent fragrance, Norma has to love every scent or Michel will not offer it to the world.
What is the inspiration behind the name Sexual Paris?
Sexual Paris is inspired by French seduction without inhibitions. Every spritz is a world where mad, Parisian love dances entangled with passion. The only way to get rid of Sexual Paris's temptation is to yield to it.
What type of fragrance is it?
Fragrance Type: is a Floriental filled with French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champagne, clementine mixes with passionflower and jasmine. Sophisticated amber wows mixed with Parisian natural oils
What are the notes?
Top: French Blackcurrant, Champagne Clementine, Galbanum
 Middle: Passionflower, Jasmine, Patchouli
 Heart: Sophisticated Sandalwood, Modern Amber, Vetiver
Is this a day or evening fragrance?
Sexual Paris is a daytime to evening fragrance. Wear Paris anyplace you sip Champagne. This fragrance pairs equally as well with a daytime kiss atop the Eiffel tower as a celebratory dinner with just the two of you. This fragrance is made for French seduction and celebrations … which can be anywhere at any time you wish, n’est-ce-pas (translation: is it not)?
What inspired the bottle?
This smooth flacon is molded out of melted white sand from the beaches of France. The glass is crafted in Europe to mimic a woman’s sensuous midriff- the epitome of womanly femininity.
What other fragrances from Michel Germain can you recommend?
Sexual Noir, Sexual Sugar and Sexual Paris Tendre.
What’s next for Michel Germain?
Michel is currently working on a new fragrance for Norma. You’ll have to wait to see his latest creation.
Each of our monthly subscribers will get a travel size purse spray of Sexual Paris. What is the one thing that you would like to leave them with?
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