Are you looking to bring the spa to your home? We have done it again. COCOTIQUE has partnered with Sakury Cosmeceuticals and is introducing you to their Face Mineral Microexfoliator in the February Box. This revolutionary exfoliator will leave your face extra smooth and able to absorb serums and creams better. Read all about how Founder and Glass Designer, Zuzana Skutchanova created this anti-aging tool that is made with products that produce zero waste.
When did the brand get its start and what was the first product that you developed?
We started in 2011. Our first product was a glass nail file- Nail Mineral File.
What is the Microexfoliator made from?
It is made of glass and pure quartz 99.7%. Environmental production.
What inspired you to use silica?
I studied at a Secondary School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking, so I used the knowledge of glass technology. As a glass designer, I love glass as a material! Why silica? Surely you know the glass nail file with etched abrasive surface? I used that for nail treatment. Unfortunately, the production of this abrasive surface is not environmentally friendly. I know in detail all techniques of glass surface treatment. That´s why I started to try a new way of making an abrasive surface and invented the production of a silica abrasive surface. During testing, I found that I can create different abrasive surface roughness up to very fine abrasive surface suitable for skin exfoliation. After the introduction of Sakury products, I found that mineral silica has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails. Mineral silica plays an important role in skin cell renewal, strengthen immunity skin and improves skin hydration and elasticity.
What are the benefits of using the face mineral to exfoliate as opposed to a scrub?
There are several benefits:
  • Easy and fast application in 60 sec. and more efficient exfoliation
  • Purifying - Exfoliating - Detoxication in one step
  • Beneficial effect of mineral silica (improves skin hydration and elasticity)
  • Skin is softer, smoother, and more radiant after first use (exfoliation without cream and gel, just pure exfoliation, so that the feeling is real)
  • Wet use
  • Zero waste product
  • Natural product
Is this for all skin types?
Yes, for normal, sensitive and combination skin. Face Microexfoliator is also suitable for problematic skin- acne skin, acne scars, blackheads/ whiteheads, enlarged pores, and milia.
What can women expect after using?
Gently remove the top layer of dead cells. After application the skin is smooth, radiant and toned. Skin is ready to better absorb creams and serum. With regular use, they will see improved skin hydration and skin elasticity (mineral silica binds water and supports the formation of collagen and elastin fibers). When the skin is hydrated and elastic, it looks young and fresh. In long-term application, good skin condition is sustainable.
How soon can you see the results after using?
With regular care, the result is visible after 6-8 weeks.
What is the best way to use this Microexfoliator?
Start off with a very gentle application on clean and wet skin. This is not a typical exfoliator. The best way of application is after the shower, when the skin is nicely steamed (the pores are open and the skin is supple).
What tips can you offer to not over use?
Please avoid warts, open wounds or rattles. Fine burning or stinging may appear as a reaction to mineral silica. There may also be a temporary deterioration in skin condition followed by an improvement in your skin, due to mineral silica detoxification. Mostly this deterioration is in skin that has been exposed to make-up for a long time.
How often can this be used?
Once a week.
What are your tips for storage and maintenance?
After the application rinse the abrasive surface with warm running water and let it dry. Store in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
What’s next for SAKURY?
We offer in collection Body Mineral Microexfoliator, Nail Mineral File and Foot Mineral File.
Each of our subscribers with get a SAKURY Face Exfoliator in their February Box. What is the one thing you’d like to leave with them?
Enjoy your smooth, soft and more radiant skin after each application of Sakury Microexfoliator and the beneficial effect of mineral silica. Sakura- cherry blossom symbolizes female beauty and femininity. Sakury is a plural in Czech.