The Best Brightening Mask For Radiant-Looking Skin

When it comes to using pure ingredients, goPure has the formulation down packed. We are so excited to introduce you to a brand that only uses natural clean ingredients to give you the best results. You will love the Active Brightening Sheet Mask in the September and Fall Makeup Lovers Box. There’s nothing like preparing an at-home spa experience with some really good products. Get ready to give your skin the ultimate treatment with this sheet mask. Made with active ingredients like Hydrating Snow Mushroom to hydrate and restore your skin’s natural balance and Brightening Niacinamide to promote bright, even skin and help with discoloration and wrinkles. Find out more about goPure and the other active ingredients in this ultra-nourishing mask.

What is the goPure Difference?

At goPure, we’re on a mission to clean up skincare routines. That’s why we created a better approach to beauty, powered by safe, clean active ingredients that mean real results. We don’t believe in dirty ingredients. No fillers. No fake stuff. Not toxic chemicals. Just goPure goodness designed with your skin in mind. No matter you skin concern, our natural botanicals, pure vitamins, potent proprietary formulas, and premium-grade products transform the look of your skin minus the harsh after effects and irritation.

How did goPure get its start?

Started by a husband and wife team of beauty industry executives, who saw that the skincare industry was stuck between 2 extremes. We had only 2 choices: 100% organic products that were safe but didn’t really produce great results or expensive dermatology grade creams delivered great benefits but had toxic ingredients and caused irritation. With frustration building on wasting money trying many different brands with no luck, became a common experience. goPure quickly gained a cult following and today, we have many customers who have been ordering for years. Our customers trust goPure to create amazing products that will be safe and deliver glowing, radiant skin. We value the trust that we’ve built and keep it in mind with every new product we formulate. 

What inspired your Active Brightening Sheet Mask?

Customers love our Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask, and we wanted to formulate something that was going to give the same spa like experience, but offered brightening and luminosity effects. The Brightening Sheet Mask was born!

What are the key active ingredients in your Brightening Sheet Mask?

  • Hydrating Snow Mushroom
  • Brightening Niacinamide
  • Soothing Licorice Root
  • Vitamin C

What are the benefits of these active ingredients?

The ingredients all combined provide for a visibly brighter, more even looking complexion.


Is this mask for all skin types?

Yes, our Brightening Mask is for all skin types.

How often can you use the Brightening Sheet Mask?

Daily if desired…. No harsh ingredients that would harm skin with every day use.

What can women expect after using the Brightening Sheet Mask?

Anyone who uses our Brightening Sheet Mask will feel like their skin has been nourished and hydrated. The Sheet Mask allows a woman to sit back, relax, and allow the mask to do its work!

How long will it take to see results after using the Brightening Sheet Mask?

Depends on the individual’s skin, however each use promotes some results 

Which toxic ingredients are proven to be unsafe?

Nothing Toxic in our formulas- there is no industry standard of what Clean Beauty means, and the bad ingredients keep evolving and coming out if the woodwork on a daily basis. We stay away from the Dirty 6- :
  • Formaldehyde Parabens 
  • Dyes 
  • Propylene Glycol 
  • SLS 
  • Hydroquinone, 

We have a vast list of other ingredients that we refuse to allow in our formulas. We are constantly researching and adding new ingredients as they become unsafe to keep up with all the changes to the Clean Beauty Industry.

How can our subscribers goPure?

Visit us online at, and join our VIP Private Facebook group for Community, Education, and Sales/Promos. Our Staff Master Esthetician and Educator answers questions, does Live Education Weekly, and interacts with the group constantly.  Join HERE 

Talk to us about the ALSF Difference?

A portion of all sales goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization that helps to support Children and their Families while undergoing Cancer Treatment, as well as contributed to pediatric cancer research.
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation stands out from the crowd. When you shop to support the cause on, you’re making a direct impact in so many ways, including:

GRANTS FOR GOOD: Through partnerships with leading researchers across the country, ALSF has developed a successful grant program to make the biggest impact possible. This program has translated into innovative breakthroughs and access to new treatments, as well as a dramatic change in the landscape of childhood cancer. In addition to cutting-edge research grants, ALSF also funds grants designed to improve the quality of life and care as children fight cancer.
RESOURCES IN REAL TIME: ALSF helps offset travel expenses for families who must travel to receive potentially lifesaving treatment for their child. They also help connect families with clinical trials that match their child’s diagnosis and provide support for siblings of kids fighting cancer.
FAMILIES EMPOWERED BY KID POWER: The concept of “fighting childhood cancer, one cup at a time” allows people who would not normally participate in fundraising join in — especially children. Lemonade stands allow kids to be part of the change as they support families and kids just like them.

“Dealing with cancer is an incredibly scary and difficult thing for little children and their families. At goPure, we are proud that every product we sell helps contribute to finding a cure for childhood cancers, as well as helps to treat and support children and their families during their battle with this disease.”
- Alex Keyan, CEO/Founder of goPure Beauty

What’s next for goPure?

We are continuously developing new products and growing our assortment to include something for every skintype! We follow what’s trending, and work to have one of the most diverse product catalogs, with something for everyone!

Those who get the Fall Makeup Lovers Box or the September Box will get Brightening Sheet Mask. What is the one thing you want them to know?

The Brightening mask is just one of a vast assortment of skincare items that goPure has. Our products have changed lives.  So many Woman have gained confidence in their skin that they never had, and have been dedicated goPure users for years. 


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