When it comes to self-care we often think about sheet masks and luxuriating in a bath with rose petals while burning your favorite candle. Well, now you can add a meditation app to your beauty arsenal. Beautitation, a new meditation app that you can use not just during your self-care routines, but also from everything to getting ready for bed to doing chores around the house. They even have a couple of meditations to help to eliminate some of the stresses of dealing with COVID-19 and the “new normal” adjustments that many have adopted. This free beauty meditation app features over 200 quick guided meditations. Read all about how this app was developed and how to incorporate it into your beauty and wellness routines. Also, if you have the March Box download this app and use it with your Nabia Pearl Face Sheet Mask you received in your box. During these stressful times, it’s a great way to enjoy a new wellbeauty routine.
What inspired the Beautitation app?
I am originally from Korea where people are obsessed with flawless skin, and also, I’ve learned how to take care of my inner self to bring out the healthy glow that comes from within. My mother, who had a Ph.D. in psychology, had more than 20 years of experience in meditation (as stress management and mindfulness) and I learned the skills and techniques of meditation from her. I, too also majored in psychology, which also has enormous skin benefits.
How are beauty and wellness related?
We believe in the virtuous cycle of wellness and beauty and that the two should always go hand-in-hand, which we call “WellBeauty” vision. There are 7 dimensions of wellness, (social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellbeing). Each area has a huge impact on beauty or the other way around. In case you are wondering what emotional wellness has to do with beauty, we will attempt to form a simple connection for you. Have you ever experienced a pimple popping up when you are stressed about something? That’s your emotional state affecting your skin. The mind is worried and your skin reacts to it. Moving on to how our beauty can affect our emotional wellness, there’s a very simple explanation to this. Ever felt low because of the way you look? The condition of your skin or how you look directly affects your mood and confidence. A bad hair day can very well ruin your self-esteem (Although we really shouldn’t make beauty a standard for happiness).
How many meditations does it offer?
Beautitation App features more than 200 guided-meditation and relaxing sounds, topics include Moisturizing Mediation, Anti-Aging Meditation, Brightening Meditation, and much more. Connecting beauty and wellness in a unique new way.
How long is each meditation?
Our meditations are bite-size for best results and for your convenience. Shortest meditation sessions are as short as a minute and most of the sessions are between 5 to 10 minutes duration.
What tips can you give women who want to try Beautitation?
If you want to try meditation for the first time, we recommend that you to start with the For Beginner session from the app. When you need a boost of confidence and self-esteem that will make your face glow, resort to short affirmation sessions such as I am Radiant or I am Naturally a Confident Person. You will see how powerful a short meditation can work for you. At night, when you want to give your skin a good rest, try Stress-Free Beautiful Skin and you will love your skin the next morning.
Can this app be used at any time?
Yes! All sessions are designed to be used whenever you want and need. Some meditations are perfect to do while you are actually doing your beauty or self-care related routines such as Nabia Pearl Face Sheet Mask, Makeup Meditation, Brushing My Hair. There are also sessions especially created for you to listen to while you do your house chores, Folding Laundry, and Cleaning the House to make your daily chores into a relaxing moment. Some sessions help you to relax and reenergize your body with stretching techniques and we even have meditation to ease you menstrual cramps.
What can women expect after using the app?
Calmness, self-love, Feeling beautiful.
How much does the app cost?
The Beautitation app is free to download. You have access to our full library of meditation sessions, music. ASMR sounds are all free.
Can this app available on iPhone and Android operating systems?
The app is currently available in the iOS App Store with an Android version forthcoming.
What’s next for Beautitation?
We are preparing a service to recommend skincare products and meditations to individuals. We are considering the various variables including individual skin concerns, stress levels, and many other essential factors using machine learning. Especially now, as we are going through a global crisis of Covid-19, we have launched three new stress-relieving meditation sessions to help you find comfort and peace during this challenging time. The three COVID-19 meditation sessions available on BEAUTITATION are: Tension Relief Affirmation, 5-Minute Break from Stress, and Deep Relaxation for Tired Mind and Body. Beautitation app Download link for iOS devices HERE. To keep up with Nabia you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.