We can all agree that diamonds and pearls are a girl’s best friend. We are so excited to introduce you to a plant-based sheet mask from Nabia Pearl that’s made with these natural elements. As you know we always love a good mask, and we just had to share this unique moisturizing Pearl Face Sheet Mask with you in the March Box. Read all about how this brand got its start and how these nourishing ingredients will leave your skin looking soft and radiant.
How did the brand get its start?
It all started with the idea that the products we use for our skin should be effective and gentle on our skin, as well as affordable. Our ‘natural’ baseline is: Plant-based formula. No harsh chemicals or toxins. No perfume added.
What inspired the name Nabia Pearl?
N,B and A in Nabia stand for Natural, Beautiful and Affordable. We are committed to making natural beauty products that are affordable so more and more people have easy access to safe and clean natural skincare products.
What are the key ingredients in the sheet mask?
Pearl extract, Diamond powder, Niacinamide and Vitamin C
What are the benefits of these key ingredients?
Pearls and diamonds are anti-aging ingredients that prevent wrinkles and sagging and together they brighten up the skin. Pearl extracts moisturize dry skin, boost collagen production and regenerate skin cells. Diamond powder even out skin tone and reflect lights.
What can women expect after using this mask?
Instant youthful glow and smooth, elastic, and naturally beautiful skin!
How often can the mask be used?
2-3 times a week.
What’s the difference between a sheet mask and a cream or gel mask?
Cream masks usually come in two different types: wash-off or peel-off types. The wash-off type cream masks are for hydration boost for drier skin. The peel-off types are used for cleansing/exfoliating or refining the pores, usually for oily type of skin. Gel masks and sheet masks both cling to your face and are designed to deeply hydrate and effectively lock in beneficial ingredients into the skin. They are for all skin types and it’s all up to your choice which texture and feel you prefer.
What’s next for Nabia?
We will be presenting more plant-based options for the people who seek the best-quality natural skincare products that they can use without worrying about the ingredients and keep them affordable.
Each of our subscribers will get a mask in their box. What is the one thing you want to leave them with?
“Be good to your skin. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life.” We hope you all have great skin and good relaxation using Nabia Pearl Face sheet masks. To keep up with Nabia Pearl, you can follow them on Instagram, and Facebook.