Have you ever wished that a brand would research real consumers’ needs for the products that that they make? Well, that is exactly the inspiration behind the new collection of hair care products by Suave Professionals. Suave, a household brand that many of us have relied on for years, has introduced Suave Professionals for Natural Hair. Read all about how this brand dedicated to its customer’s needs collaborated with over 5,000 women with textured hair to deliver a quality line of hair products infused with pure coconut oil and natural shea butter.
Suave has been a household name for many years, when did the brand get its start?

Suave has always believed that great quality products shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why in the 1940’s, Suave was one of the first brands to bring salon-quality hair care to the hands of the general public. From our first hair tonic in the 1930’s to our new hair and body formulas made with select natural ingredients, we’re always working to create new products that meet your needs. And we don’t just say our shampoos, conditioners, and lotions work as well as premium brands, we scientifically prove it so you can trust we’ve got the good stuff.
What are the brand’s keys to success?

The brand’s commitment to great quality at a great price is why nearly half of American households choose Suave, and what has made it one of America's top selling hair care brands.
What was the inspiration behind Professionals for Natural Hair?

Unilever has been a leader in the multicultural category for many years. This is all in service of the changing landscape and burgeoning needs of people today. The face of America is changing and we’re living differently, which makes personalization and customization even more important. People want products that address their specific needs. In the course of creating this product line, Suave worked with 5,000 women with natural hair to learn how to best serve them along their natural hair journey. We found that women with natural hair are constantly looking for new products that work best for their desired looks. The search is ongoing and often women will experiment and use a cocktail of different products to solve their hair needs.
What are the key ingredients in this new product line and what are their benefits?

Suave Professionals for Natural Hair is infused with natural shea butter, known to deeply moisturize, and pure coconut oil, known to help fight frizz, reduce breakage and enhance shine. These benefits are almost imperative to a good hair care regimen for women with natural hair.
What encouraged the brand to eliminate sulfates, parabens, and dyes?

All the products are free of any parabens or dyes, and the shampoo is sulfate-free – so curls, coils and waves can look nourished and moisturized, right out of the shower and beyond. We worked with 5,000 women with natural hair and listened to what worked, didn’t work and what they preferred in hair products.
What can women expect after using the Sulfate-Free Shampoo and the Moisturizing Curl Conditioner?

The Sulfate-Free Shampoo gently removes build up while infusing hair with moisture. Paired with the Moisturizing Curl Conditioner women can expect hair to be easily detangled with enhanced shine and moisture.
Is the Moisturizing Curl Conditioner just for curly hair?

The Moisturizing Curl Conditioner can work well on wavy to coily hair types. Based on feedback from the 5,000 co-creators we have been able to match up what curl type each product works best for. (Taken from

  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo: 2A-4C

  • Moisturizing Curl Conditioner: 2A-4C

  • Nourish & Strengthen LIC: 4A-4C

  • Cream Detangler Spray: 2A-4C

  • Define & Shine Serum Gel: 2A-2C

How do you use the Define & Shine Serum Gel?

You can start by applying a generous amount of the Define & Shine Gel Serum to damp hair. No rinse needed. Work through to enhance curls – can be used with a diffuser or air dried. It can also be used after applying the Curl Defining Cream.
What other products from this new line can you suggest?

The Curl Defining Cream is a crowd favorite. It is ideal for curls that need a little help coming back to life. The creamy formula helps enhance natural curl patterns, while adding moisture and shine for touchable softness.
Where is this new line sold?

Suave Professionals for Natural Hair can be found in store at Family Dollar and Dollar General and select drug and grocery stores in spring 2019. The range can also be found online at Each product is valued at just $5, providing an accessible entry point for new naturalistas looking to try new products or women with natural hair who are already cocktailing pros. The insight that served as the impetus for why we developed this range was rooted in the understanding of how expensive the natural hair journey can be. Multicultural hair brands tend to over index on price vs general market hair brands. Suave believes in democratizing trends and bringing quality products at a great price point.
What’s next for Suave?

Suave is committed to creating products for women with textured hair. We will continue to listen to our consumers and insight from our Natural Hair Trust – a brain trust of co-creators and inspirational influencers with diverse natural hair types, styles and lifestyles who helped develop and test the products in real-life conditions. They will continue to serve as sounding boards moving forward to ensure the brand is meeting the needs of the natural hair community and provide insight into what their needs and wants are to influence ingredients we include in future products.
Subscribers will receive 3 full size products of the Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Moisturizing Curl Conditioner, and the Define & Shine Serum Gel in their March Box. What is the one thing you would like to leave them with?

As a brand, we don’t believe quality products have to come with a large price tag. Knowing that women with natural hair, in-particular, are constantly on the hunt for products that work, we wanted to provide her with quality solutions she can feel good about trying and adding to her routine that are accessible. To keep up with Suave, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, Intsagram.