Discover The Secret To Long-Lasting Lip Color

We all love a great lip color, but most us are probably guilty of not reapplying throughout the day. Well, don’t fret ladies, we have found a great lip color that last longer than most. We have partnered with a new brand that has amazing cosmetics and hair care products for women of color. EBIN New York has shared their 24Hour Glossy Stick in our February Box that is moisturizing, long lasting and offers you great color. Ladies, you will always be lip ready whenever needed. Read all about EBIN New York and the great collections that they offer.

How did the brand get its start?

We opened our doors in 2014.

What’s the inspiration behind the Brand’s name?

EBIN stands for Ethnic Beauty Innovation Network. We always strive to enhance and complement the exotic radiance of woman of color.

In addition to cosmetics, what other categories do you offer?

We offer hair care, lashes, wigs, and hair extensions, which have all been very successful for us.

What was your first product that you introduced to the market?
The first product that we introduced was our Edge Tamer.

Does the 24Hour Glossy Stick really last 24 hours?

When we say 24hours, we mean our product will last longer than most and that’s because the pigmentation of the actual color itself.

Are your lip sticks moisturizing?

Yes! Our lipstick provides shine and moisture without being sticky. Even the matte formula is actually semi-matte which keeps the lips from looking dry or cracked while still achieving a beautiful matte finish

What lip liner would you suggest to use with Puffy?

Our 24hour Gel Lip Liner Pencil in Red Fruit Punch or our 24hour Flawless Lip & Eye auto Liner in Burgundy Red.

What is the best way to wear a red lip?

We suggest that you balance out your makeup by wearing colors that don’t standout too much. If you wear a light gold eye shadow or a nude eye shadow, it makes for a better red lip that will standout nicely.

How many other colors does the 24Hr Glossy come in?

We offer 24 shades in all. You can check our out assortment of colors on our website,

What other types of lipsticks do you offer?

In addition to our Glossy line, we offer Matte, Metallic lip colors. We also offer Glitter Lipsticks, and Lip Glosses!

Where is Ebin sold?

You can find us at your local beauty supply stores and our website at

What’s next for Ebin?

We are always working on new products. Our goal is to reach new clients and be accessible to all of our customers.

Subscribers will receive a full size 24Hr Glossy Stick in Puffy in their February Box. What’s the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

To follow us on Instagram @Ebin_newyork for more information and frequent giveaways!

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