RevealU Opens Hidden Treasure With Gold

If you are looking for skincare that is made with spring water and some of the earth’s richest minerals, you will love GOLD Face & Body Gel from RevealU in the October 2020 Box. Who knew that minerals like gold, platinum, copper, magnesium, and zinc were so amazing for your skin? The concept of this gel mineral-based moisturizer will also surprise you with how light it is and how amazing it makes your skin feel. Read all about how REVEALU began its journey and discover how this skincare can rejuvenate and protect your skin.

How did the brand get its start?
In 2014 RevealU Skincare began looking for ways to lessen the exposure of toxins and chemicals we are bombarded with every day. We began looking for natural skincare products that could protect and nourish my skin. Realizing a key ingredient; water, was an essential element in everything we did not like using tap water loaded with all sorts of chemicals. Tap water can be either more alkaline or acidic which can cause breakouts, dryness, and irritated my skin. It just did not make sense to us that we invest a lot of money for high-quality products for the betterment of our skin only to start off with bad water. So, it became a purposeful passion for us to formulate a good clean water product. Hence, RevealU’s Rejuve water or “Magic Water” was developed.

What inspired the name REVEALU?
The definition of reveal: the act or an instance of showing, revealing, or disclosing something for the first time; to make known. Our products are designed to naturally hydrate and nourish deep within the skin revealing the real beauty, the real you.

Your skincare line is gel- based. Please tell us how a gel can moisturize your skin.
It is really our special Rejuve water that holds the “MAGIC” that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Rejuve is spring water infused with minerals Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Magnesium and Zinc. With the addition of two other ingredients we formulated a clean simple gel-based application that became the vehicle that delivers the amazing benefits mineral elements throughout the skin. A lightweight moisturizer that can been used alone and also used with other serums, cleanser, and lotions.

What are the key ingredients in the GOLD – Face & Body Gel?
GOLD Face & Body Gel's ultra-luxurious formula features 24k gold flakes. The 24K gold flakes are important in a process called Piezoelectricity effect which accelerates a natural ion exchange when one applies the product to the skin. Creating a perfect balance that helps charge the mineral elements to hydrate, protect and rejuvenating the skin without unnatural preservatives, fragrances, or chemicals. With 24K gold flakes GOLD promotes healthy skin and reduced appearance of fine lines. Calms acne inflammation reduce redness and protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?
Our products are 99% chemical free and safe for all skin types. We strive to make products that are best for the skin and environment, and better than synthetic skincare products. Our ingredients are packed with beneficial elements for the whole body, not just the face. Fragrance free and easier on the skin that lessen the daily exposure of harmful chemicals that affect your skin and health.

Is this for all skincare types?
Yes, RevealU Skincare products are safe for all skin types, genders, and all ages. RevealU products users range in ages of 14-86 years of age. Great for all skin types: normal, dry, oily, acne prone, sun damaged, skin irritation or skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. Our products are used to help with wound and scar recovery after injuries or surgeries. We have testimonies from cancer patients and cancer survivors that use RevealU products because it is gentle on the skin and the mineral benefits help rejuvenated and promote healthy skin.

When you say face & body, does that mean the whole body?
Absolutely yes! RevealU products are great for the whole body. We are covered head to toe in skin, why should we just stop creating products that just benefit the face when we can create a product that the whole body can benefit from? Your skin will be hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated.

What can women expect after using?
After applying the RevealU GOLD Face & Body gel, it will give you a feeling of deep hydration without a heavy greasy feel like some traditional moisturizers. One user stated after a whole-body application of GOLD she could not stop touching her skin because it felt so unbelievably soft. With continued use, twice daily users notice fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably decreased. There is also a lot taking place deep within the skin. GOLD enables nutrients to flow and keep your skin healthy. It will also help to keep your skin firm and plump. Skin will feel rejuvenated and will give you a healthy, youthful “glow.”

What is the best way to incorporate this gel into your skincare regimen?
We know that everyone’s skin care regimen is different in the morning and at night. The best way to receive the maximum benefit of GOLD is for it to be applied as a moisturizer after cleansing the skin and applied before using any serums. This will ensure the mineral elements of GOLD and the 24f gold flakes are first to work their magic deepen within the skin on barrier repair. This will prime the skin to be prepared for full benefits of any special’s serums used after GOLD application.

RevealU Gold gel can be used as a mini ‘under the eye masque’ when waking up with puffy, tired looking eyes. At night apply an extra layer of GOLD just before bed and leave on as an anti-aging superstar moisturizer allowing it to absorb into skin and work its magic through out the night.

Can you use this gel for anything else other than a moisturizer?
Our products are fabulous for treating the skin on the scalp, which is constantly bombarded with chemicals from the shower, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, dyes, mousse, sprays, etc. A little RevealU GOLD on the scalp brings some much need mineral nutrients to increases cell renewal and speeds up circulation, which supports healthy hair growth.

RevealU GOLD is good for after sun care or sunburn relief. Place GOLD gel in the refrigerator, once cool apply generously to dry, irritated or sunburnt skin. Applying cool GOLD will feel amazing and calm skin and give much needed hydration!

What other products from your line can you suggest to use?
RevealU GLOW and CLEANSE Face & Body gels are great to use with GOLD.
GLOW is a light exfoliator with 24k gold flakes that help polishes off impurities while being gentle enough for everyday use. Use head to toe to nourish your skin with amazing minerals.

CLEANSE gel is a powerful and gentle cleanser with charcoal and 24k gold flakes that helps draw out impurities and toxins form skin. Hydrates and refreshes skin so it will not dry out skin after use. Gently for everyday use. Best for acne prone skin, gentle enough for sensitive skin.

What’s next for REVEALU?
RevealU’s motto “Be you, naturally” drives the company to continue to bring nature and science-based products to consumers who focus on cleaner and healthier lifestyles. We are working on providing self-care skincare products that are economical for our users while maintaining the natural integrity of our product ingredients. We are focused on offering a luxury product at affordable prices.

Each of our subscribers who get the October Box will get a full-size REVEALU GOLD – Face & Body Gel. What is the one thing you want them to know?
We are excited to share RevealU GOLD with COCOTIQUE subscribers. Our products are made to be a whole-body experience. Put GOLD into your daily skincare routine; morning and night, apply it all over your body after a relaxing bath or showers, massage into sore tried feet after a long day. It does not take weeks to see the difference. Just a few drops and you will feel and see the difference. A twice daily application will bring back your natural healthy and beautiful skin, revealing the real beauty is you.


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