Discover the Dental Benefits of Baking Soda and Myrrh

From the beginning of time natural ingredients have been known to do wonders for improving health and beauty needs. If you are looking for a chemical free oral care that will kill the bacteria, whiten your teeth, and protect your enamel, then you will love the Baking Soda and Myrrh Tooth Powder from Pink Walnut Bistro in the October 2020 Box. As we continue to celebrate black women entrepreneurs, we are happy to introduce you to Najma Jamaludeen and a brand that she created with her commitment to using only good, healthy, and natural ingredients. Find out more about the powerful ingredients in this tooth powder and how they can benefit your oral health.

How did the brand get its start?
Pink Walnut began in the cottage industry where recipes were developed over several years. My mission was to have products that were made with ingredients from nature that had were viable alternatives to commercially mass-produced body products.

What inspired you to create a tooth powder?
I am usually inspired by ingredients and it was no different with PW tooth powder. The ancient rich history of myrrh powder and herbs like peppermint and clove inspired me. Also, I grew up using both myrrh and baking soda in a much more basic and less delicious form. Finally, as always, I am inspired to use products that can be formulated by hand which I believe encourages creativity and ingenuity.

What are the key ingredients in your Baking Soda and Myrrh Tooth Powder?
The key ingredients in the Baking Soda and Myrrh tooth powder are whole cardamom pods, myrrh and food-grade diatomaceous earth along with essential oils of clove and cinnamon.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?
Myrrh is an ancient resin that is highly effective in absorbing toxins as well as being a gentle exfoliant to help keep plaque at bay. Myrrh powder has been traded in Africa and the Middle East for nearly 5000 years. It is an excellent source for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties.
Diatomaceous earth which is a by-product of fossilized algae and is one of the earth’s wonder ingredients. Diatomaceous earth is rich in silica that is one of the essential tissue building blocks that help maintain healthy tooth enamel.
Whole cardamom pods are blended in our tooth powders. Cardamom is also an ancient spice that kills bacteria related to bad breath and aids in helping to remove gingivitis.

How do you use the tooth powder?
The tooth powder is used just like your commercial toothpaste.
Directions: You can do either of the following for applications:

  • Wet toothbrush and dip in tooth powder applying amount enough to cover the surface of your toothbrush. Brush teeth and clean tongue as usual.
  • Pour a small amount of powder into palm and use dry toothbrush to scoop powder on to brush. Brush teeth and clean tongue as usual.

How many uses are in this package?
In a full size 2 oz. package there are over 30 applications which means one container should last at least a month.

What makes your tooth powder different from any other tooth whitener?
Many other toothpowders contain myrrh, baking soda and activated charcoal which all work to polish and whiten teeth, however, PW tooth powders are purposefully blended with coconut oil and whole cardamom pods. The shell of the cardamom has a wood-like texture which is mimicking the age-old use of wood fibers on the teeth. The original toothbrush, which is still used widely throughout Africa is small branches from select trees like the lime tree. These wood-like fibers from the pods of the cardamom help to gently polish the teeth and gums to remove plaque restore enamel and polish the surface of the teeth. Coconut oil also works to pullout bacteria, polish teeth and massage gums.

How long does it typically take to see any results?
User should notice results after 7 days of using in the morning and before bed.

How many flavors does your tooth powder come in?
PW tooth powder is offered in the Baking soda and Myrrh type which is flavored with peppermint and clove.

What other products from your company can you suggest?
Of course, I would suggest all of the products on the PW menu depending on what your needs are, however, as a starter I would suggest the PW Cleanser/Toner made with fresh squeezed lime, inner fillet aloe vera juice steeped in leaves like hibiscus and green tea. As a gentle facial cleanser, it pulls out toxins relieving breakouts and balancing skin tone.

What’s next for Pink Walnut Bistro?
A second store located in either DC or NY, then a third in LA.

Each of our Subscribers who get the October 2020 Box will get the Pink Walnut Bistro Baking Soda and Myrrh Tooth Powder. What is the one thing you want them to know?
PW Baking Soda tooth powder is made with natural ingredients that that work hard to clean, disinfect mouth and gums, deodorize breath, while adding nutrients to help maintain and restore healthy tooth enamel. PW also tastes great and is not harmful if swallowed as many commercial toothpastes warn on their packaging.

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