Psyche Terry Shares Her Keys To Success

Faith, inspiration, and resilience are what keeps Psyche Terry motivated to be the best woman, wife, mother, and entrepreneur she can be. We are very excited to talk to this phenomenal woman and to introduce Psyche Terry as our 1st COCOBelle since 2018. Psyche is not only the Co-Founder and Owner of UI Global Brands, the home of Urban Hydration and Breath of Fresh Hair, she’s also a mentor, wellness advocate, and most recently crowed America's Most Beautiful, 2022 Mrs. Texas. Learn more about this Beauty Boss’ successful journey and how she’s able to simultaneously manage everything under her umbrella.

What inspired you to create Urban Hydration?

I was inspired to create Urban Hydration for so many reasons. As a young girl, I suffered from eczema and embarrassment with my sometimes dry and cracked skin. I didn’t know much about my condition or what to do. Both as a young lady and as an adult, I visited dermatologists that suggested Eczema was a DNA concern and they shared different pharmaceutical steroids for me to use to improve my skins’ appearance. While working full-time and serving as a board member for the Blind Center of Nevada, I helped their team design their manufactured body butter and sugar scrub for a local fundraising event when the idea of Urban Hydration was really fostered and born. I later looked to create a butter and a scrub and other bath items that could help keep my dry skin moist and healthy without a high price tag and without all what I called back then “bad stuff.” 

What steps did you take that gave you the knowledge and confidence to start your own business?

I am naturally a go getter and I’ve had a lot of reasons in my life to exercise the power of faith, so I think these are the skills that have helped me in building Urban Hydration. 

Psyche & Vontoba


Fun fact, your business is partner is husband, Vontoba. How is it to working with your spouse?

Vontoba is my best friend. He is the most attractive man I’ve ever met and he’s the reason I dress up to work every day – even when we were virtual. It’s a lot of fun sharing inside jokes and just like in any business relationship; we are both bosses and it creates a dynamo having two powerhouses that complement each other under the same business roof.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a business partner that tells you that you are beautiful every day.


Terry Family


You’re not just a wife and a business partner, you’re also a mother. You and Vontoba have 3 beautiful children. How do you balance work and home?

Being a mom with a growing beauty empire keeps you honest. If there is an ingredient that I thought would work, but my kids thought otherwise, it doesn’t pass over to our customers. Our kids are our legacy, our best friends, and mentees in growing wealth and sometimes mentors in not taking everything too seriously. 



Talk to us about being crowned Mrs. Texas. What was that experience like and are there any other pageants or competitions in your future?

I have a unique experience in being in the beauty world in two different ways. I love that beauty pageants help me look inward. In fact, it’s the best type of self-discovery therapy money can buy. I am forced to know who I am, what I bring to the table and confidently share my testimony with the world.

Another congratulation is in order for your Hype Hair cover! How was your cover shoot and what did that milestone mean to you?

Thank you. The Shoot was amazing because we had the best in the room. We used an all-female crew of creators and stylists, artists, and designers that made it a spiritual awakening. Halfway through the shoot the photographer showed me the shots and I burst into tears in sheer joy. I had never seen myself through the eyes of anyone else that way. In fact, before seeing that cover image, I had never truly embraced that I was beautiful. That shoot changed my outlook on life.

What advice can you give other women who want to start their own business?

I have a few things that I like to repeat to myself as often as I can. I say:

 “I am a child of God” 
“I am a warrior” 
“I am a Terry"

I never give up and I have faith. I offer my affirmation to women starting their own business. Know who you and don’t give up and more than anything, this is not for the faint of heart – have faith and don’t give up.

What inspires you?

I am almost at day 200 in my completing the bible in a year challenge. I’m honestly inspired by men and women that are chosen and that don’t give up no matter what the tasks were in front of them. I’ve read about the good, bad, and ugly.  What has inspired me the most are the kids that were called to be king at 8 years old. I say to myself, if they can follow through I can too. 

What are you most grateful for?

When I got pregnant with my oldest my doctor told me that either he wouldn’t make it or I would likely die in childbirth. I had uterine fibroids that were growing at a severely fast rate and were capitalizing on the size of tummy. I’m most grateful for my prayers to live being answered. I’m grateful for my son to be the first of 3 little kids that hug me and blow my mind with how well they are equipping themselves to be honorable citizens someday. I’m grateful for life and abundance. 

How do you incorporate self-care into your daily routine?

Movie time and shower time are two must haves in my life. My movie time consists of popcorn and 50 little toes within an arm’s reach. I have been known to incorporate movies nights into just about every day of the week if I’m having a tough time. My showers aren’t long but they are also therapeutic for me. I love lathering up in Urban Hydration and rinsing and lathering again and again just for fun. The sweet smell of each flavorful ingredient, and the silky feel of our body washes and sugar scrubs on my skin combined with the sound of running  water brings peace to my day at any time. 

What are the top three products in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal—what can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my Urban Hydration:

These are a part of my everyday arsenal and they just complete my beauty routine. 

psyche terry fitness


What’s next for Psyche?

Years ago, I was almost 50 pounds overweight and it conflicted with my dreams of being a mom. Doctors said that I was too overweight to conceive. I then hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help me make more healthy decisions in my life. Since then I learned that I love dance and the sound and feel of music. Now I also love helping other people improve their body tone to reach their own personal goals. Whatever is next for me personally, will definitely be in the health and fitness space.