Detangle All Hair Types With The Mini Tangle Buster®

Small, convenient, and effective are what you get with the Tangle Buster® Mini from KareCo. You can now detangle, smooth, and shape wet or dry hair anywhere. This handy companion is perfect for travel or to throw in your purse. You will love how this hair brush gently massages the most sensitive scalps and glides as it undoes knots, making it ideal for children and protecting hair of all textures from breakage. Find out how Kareco got its start and how this must-have detangler brush will change your life.

How did KareCo get its start?

Kareco got its start in 2002. The founders wanted to create a unique company that focused on hair essentials for the licensed professional. Kareco’s original focus not only included hair brushes but professional hair cutting shears, capes, gowns, etc.

What does the name KareCo mean?

Kareco was named after the 2 founders’ wives, Karen and Colleen. The owners knew how important the role their wives had played in their previous successes and felt this was a fun way to show their appreciation. 

Mini Tangle Buster®

What inspired the Mini Tangle Buster Brush?

The mini tangle buster brush is modeled after our hugely successful Tangle Buster. It’s easy to see the similarities with the mini being slightly smaller in all around stature and having less independent (fingers). We felt we needed a brush that was easier to take and use on the go. The regular Tangle Buster doesn’t always fit in a small purse or satchel. As we do with all of our brushes, we also listened to our professional hair stylists who asked for a brush with the same qualities as the Tangle Buster but was slightly smaller to help with some of the different looks that are being created today.

How long did it take to design the Tangle Buster?

The Tangle Buster, as with most brushes, took some time to perfect (it definitely wasn’t overnight). Everything from the size, the length of the handle, the movement and strength of the independent fingers of the brush, to even the material took quite some time to get right. We’ve also built on this design to include different sizes like the mini as well as different versions like the Styler. As with most of our Kareco products, the time to create, test, and finally bring to market is usually measured in several months and sometimes years.

What’s the best way to use the Mini Tangle Buster?

We are learning everyday about the best ways to use the Tangle Buster Mini. What I mean by that is our salon professionals and customers are telling and showing us new ways all the time. Whether it’s a quick brush on the go, detangling before a style, or used as a styler, we’re amazed at how many different uses consumers have found for this brush.

What are the benefits of using this mini detangler brush?

Really the main benefit of this brush is to make detangling of the hair easier. It was created to reduce the pain and time to detangle. Everything from the independent moving fingers to the longer handle was based on these ideas. 

Is the Mini Tangle Buster for all hair types and textures?

Yes, the Tangle Buster Mini is for ALL hair types! It’s been especially successful with curly hair but it is used everyday on all different hair types. We created the Styler with the boar bristles for those that were looking for an even gentler detangle. 

What else can you use the Mini Tangle Buster on?

The Tangle Buster Mini was originally created for use on the scalp but we’ve seen it used on beards as well. 

How many colors does the Mini Tangle Buster come in?

Currently the Tangle Buster Mini comes in 2 colors: Black and Pink/Teal.

What is the best way to keep the Mini Tangle Buster clean?

The best way to keep the Tangle Buster mini clean is regular cleaning with our Brush Brush 😊. This cleaning brush was developed with our hair brushes in mind to get out the buildup of hair and product. It’s been very successful so far and a great addition to our brush line. It’s another product that our customers have asked us for and we finally brought it to market a short time ago.

How many sizes does the Tangle Buster come in?

The Tangle Buster comes in 3 different sizes: The Tangle Buster, the Tangle Buster Mini, and the new Tangle Buster Tiny. We also have the Styler which is the same size as the original Tangle Buster but has boar bristles. 

What other brushes can you suggest by hair type?

Kareco has hair brushes for all different hair types as well as all different styles! From our different size round brushes with our amazing thermal barrel dome design to our detangling brushes, 9 rows and even paddles, Kareco has you covered! Please feel free to check out all of our different options at

What’s next for KareCo?

Right now, our next immediate focus is new colors, but we’re always working on new and innovative products! We have some new exciting designs, they’re just not quite ready yet! 😉

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