Product Spotlight: Nicka K New York Quad Eyeshadow Palette

Since January COCOTIQUE subscribers are receiving the fabulous Nicka K Quad Eyeshadow Palette in their boxes, we asked the team at Nicka K to give us a few tips on how to use it! Get in on this insider info now!

How do the 4 colors in the Nicka K Quad Eyeshadow work together to create a cohesive look?
The colors in the Quad Palette can be used alone or layered together in different combinations. Apply the lightest shade all over lid as a base. Layer the medium toned shades on the crease and lashlines to contour and create dimension. Deepest shade can be applied as a liner along lashlines or used on the outer V for a smoky eye. As a last step, highlight your inner corners with the lightest shade to open up your eyes.


How should a woman choose the ideal Quad Eyeshadow for her skin tone?
We feel that a woman chooses eyeshadow colors based on their comfort level, preference in looks, skin tones and eye color. For the most part warm skin tones are complimented well by golden hues, greens, browns and pinks. Cool skin tones look good with blues, grays, silvers, pinks and plums.

Regardless of these general guidelines, we recommend choosing the Quad with the shades that you're most comfortable with. You'll find that our quads will often include complimentary colors that may be new for you to experiment with. Experimenting with new shades is a great way to broaden your range and you just may find your next go-to shadow color.


What types of brushes are best for applying the Quad Eyeshadow colors to achieve maximum highlighting, contouring and definition?
The most basic brush type needed would be a medium sized brush to apply the main color of your shadow all over lids. Try our Powder Shadow Brush (NB005) or Eyeshadow Round Brush (NB006) from the Nicka K New York HQ collection. The flat but full bristles are perfect for distributing color evenly across lids. Another versatile tool is an angled brush such as Nicka K New York Angled Shadow Brush (NB008), which can be used to sweep a base shade over a large area or to place the medium toned shade into the crease using the tip. It's also the perfect brush for adding the darkest shade into your outer "V", as well as utilizing the angled tip to add a highlight color to your inner corners to open up your eye.

For those looking for a more polished look, we recommend adding a blending and smudge brush to their arsenal. Harsh lines are a big no no, and a fluffy blending brush can be the perfect tool to seamlessly pull together all the colors in your look. The smudge brush can be useful in creating a sultry smoky eye by using over eyeliner on the lashlines or applying darker shadow to your crease or outer contour area. We recommend our Nicka K New York Blending Eyeshadow Brush (NB007) and Smudge Brush (NB019) from the HQ collection.


Which Nicka K lip colors would pair best with the eye shadows?

The colors in the Plumas Quad are versatile and can be used to illustrate different looks depending on the lip color it's paired with. A Nude Lip like our Hydro Lipstick in Shade #NY014 (Concerto) can be used for a casual every day look. To add some glam to your look or to play it up for a night out, you can complement the Quad colors with a red/berry shade such as our HQ LipColor in Shade#NY200 (Daytona).

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