Paris Beauty: Brand You Should Know, Bo.Ho Green Makeup

By Jackie Celestin-André

I was at a professional beauty trade show in Paris waiting for a press conference on the launch of a new organic beauty box to start, when Hanane Bourimi came in and sat in the seat next to mine. The then Marketing Director, turned current General Manager of Bo.Ho Green Makeup, built her professional career first as a chemist, working in water treatments; and then in cosmetics, gaining experience in natural and organic products. At Bo.Ho Green, she began in marketing and product development. And later, she also became a friend.

On stage that day, Hanane presented a beautiful brand, built on social and eco values, without compromising on the performance of a makeup brand; and through her description proved that organic makeup can deliver trends, technology, glamour and color results.

Launched in 2012, Bo.Ho Green Makeup has grown to create over 200 references in the eyes, lips, nails and face categories. The brand’s inspiration is in its name, which means, “being natural, spontaneous, real, sincere and concerned about ecological and societal well being”. Bo.Ho is reflective of the bohemians’ and hippies’ revolutionary spirit and creative force. The brand appeals to women who love makeup but who also want to consume responsibly and who are, in some ways, a bit militant, demanding brands to prove that they are eco-responsible. To respond, the brand states that they are transparent and hide nothing from their consumers.


As one would expect from an eco-conscious brand, the packaging and all of the in store merchandising display units are made out of cardboard to allow easy recycling. The products are made in France and Italy, and all finished products are packed by a protected sector distribution center for shipments worldwide.

So now that you know a bit about the company, let’s talk products! I was so thrilled to get a sampling of Bo.Ho’s offerings, and although I am still discovering them all, I can rave about most of what I have tried.

Nail Color
Based on 8-free ingredients, applies easily, dries quickly and is long lasting. I was surprised by the brightness and the boldness of the colors. I loved the packaging with the bottle cap made from wood--really cool. The brand has over 30 shades, and adds new ones regularly, but my two favorite colors are Beach Party and Pacific Ocean.


I smoothed on a transparent matte lipstick, in a shade called Coquelicot, that I really enjoyed applying and wearing throughout the day. The formula contains castor oil, grapefruit essence and musk rose essence to hydrate and protect the lips.

For most organic makeup brands, one of the perceived weaknesses is their ability to deliver color results--meaning colors are weak, don’t pop and don’t last throughout the day. This thought applies particularly to eyeshadows. So when I tried on theirs in Bouton d’Or, I was surprised when the results were just the opposite.

I also received other products in the range: their eyeliner, called Green Liner, their mascara Volume & Green and a blush, but have not tried them all yet. Based on my experience with the products I did try, I think I am going to enjoy them all.

To find out more about this fantastic green brand, head to their website.

Jackie Celestin-André is a Brooklyn born beauty, fashion and healthy living aficionado, with a penchant for wines and French foods (including anything chocolate and pastries), currently living in Paris, France. She is a marketing and diversity professional working for the global leader in beauty, and writing about beauty brands, events, and French beauty makers. Her goal is to bring readers a little closer to Paris without their ever leaving the USA.