Ni’Kita Wilson: Lifting the Veil - Debunking Skincare Myths

Ni’Kita Wilson is an award winning cosmetic chemistry expert who holds numerous patents, has authored chapters of books, speaks at industry conferences around the country, and worked with The Lift Lab on the development of their line of skin regeneration products (our October subscribers are receiving samples of their Lift & Moisturize Daily Cream and their Purify & Clarify Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask!). Essence magazine recognized Ni'Kita as one of the premier Cosmetic Chemists in the beauty industry and featured her in the May 2013 issue of the magazine and on We are so excited to have her share her unique knowledge on brand ingredients and the importance of knowing what you’re putting onto your skin.

How did you first become interested in chemistry? Did you know that it would one day become your career?
My high school chemistry teacher made learning chemistry interesting and fun so I majored in chemistry in college. I switched industries during my career but have always been a chemist. I wanted to be a doctor but soon changed career paths.

What drew you to The Lift Lab in particular? What types of products did you feel it was important to create for this brand?

The crux of The Lift Lab line is their Cell Protection Protein. This material has been used and studied in other industries long before its use in skin care and I found that very intriguing.

You advocate for quality, healthy ingredients in cosmetics brands. How do you educate women on the importance of being aware of what they’re putting onto their skin?

I advocate educating consumers on ingredients so they can make informed purchasing decisions. I do this by working with beauty editors, contributing a monthly column on called the "Beauty Informer", as well as on my website (currently being redesigned)

What is the biggest beauty or skincare myth that you would like to debunk for our readers?
Natural does not equal healthy! There is a misconception that a product labeled "natural" will be healthier for you than a product with synthetic ingredients- that is not the case

What unhealthy ingredients should women (and women of color in particular) watch out for or avoid altogether?
I wouldn't classify ingredients as "unhealthy". I would, however, encourage women to read the ingredient labels. The best way to take control of your skin is to know what you are using. If you ever have a reaction, then it is much easier to narrow down the suspect ingredient if you know what has worked for you in the past.

What is the single best thing that women can do on a daily basis to contribute to healthy skin?

The best thing that a woman can do for her skin is to exfoliate. Not on a daily basis but at least weekly!

You are an award winning Cosmetic Chemist, co-founder of your own product development lab, a writer, and a member of several Cosmetic industry boards; you’re also a wife and a mom. What advice would you give to others on how to maintain a balance between career and family?

Family always comes before business if I can help it. They are number one on my priority list (after my relationship with God of course)!

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