Natural Hair Care With Honeylocs’s Secret Weapon

When you feel a higher power calling you to go after your entrepreneurial goals and you’re trusting the process will always make for a great success story. Licensed Cosmetologist, Erika Bethea, and Owner and Founder of Honeylocs completely relied on her faith and what she discovered from other women and men on their natural hair journeys. Find out more about this woman of color created her brand and how her Secret Weapon found in the Woman of Color Limited Edition Box can work for your scalp and hair.

How did Honeylocs get its start?

Honeylocs Natural Hair Care was established in 2010 as a result of me losing my job. It was a scary time for me. The job I lost had relocated me from North Carolina to Dallas, Texas 2 years prior. I was a single parent of a daughter in 8th grade and the only “bread winner” in my household. I had a few entrepreneurial endeavors in the past and at the time, I was teaching West African dance as a hobby. Not knowing which direction to take, I decided to work on a few of my passions which included natural hair. I need to pause here for a minute and give you some context: I had been in Texas for 2 years and I knew that my relocation was by God. In hindsight, I can clearly tell you He had been pursuing my heart because, He relocated me out of my familiar environment with a great paying job but then “most importantly” He led me into an environment that nurtured me spiritually. So, when I was jobless I asked Him, “if you chose to bless any of my business endeavors, I will talk about You whenever you tell me to. Honeylocs Natural Hair Care and FREE TO SWIM Hair Care was the business He chose to bless.

How was your product received when you introduced it to the market?

My products have been received very well. As a Natural Hairstylist and now Licensed Cosmetologist I started mixing ingredients to help style and finish my client’s hair in 2012. I created them because the hair products in stores really didn’t perform well on my natural hair clients. I researched ingredients that had growth and healing properties. I attended natural hair conferences, and in my business, I saw a range of different natural textures daily. I used my products on myself and then clients. Because they performed well my clients started asking to purchase them so they could maintain their hair between visits thus FREE TO SWIM was born. My first products were the Hair Butter and the ACV Hair & Scalp Refresher. I later added a Black Soap Shampoo, Moisture Loc Leave in Conditioner, Head To Toe Sheen Spray, the Twist & Loc Glaze, and The Secret Weapon Essential Scalp Oil. I used what I learned over the years to develop my product line FREE TO SWIM and will continue to help achieve healthy natural hair in this market.

What are the key ingredients in the Secret Weapon Essential Growth Oil?

Every ingredient in The Secret Weapon is key. Each one has a purpose to stimulate growth, balance the pH, or reduce inflammation. I believe its uniqueness is its nut free formula. So many of us especially our children are developing nut allergies or are around loved ones with nut sensitivities I wanted to create a healing oil for them.

What are the key ingredients in these benefits?

The Secret Weapon was created to prevent breakage, soothe and reduce inflammation, & stimulate hair regrowth.

Does it work on all types of hair loss?

This product was created specifically for naturally textured hair. It can definitely benefit all hair types. However, the application of the product may vary based on the hair’s texture. For instance, Curly, Coily, and Kinky hair need a routine of natural ingredients to promote softness, sheen, moisture, elasticity, and etc… As these textures grow from the hair shaft, they are able to absorb The Secret Weapon without build up or excess. Straighter less textured hair can benefit from using The Secret Weapon but maybe as a hot oil treatment that is rinsed away instead.

How long will it take to see results?

The health of your hair is an outwards reflection of your inner health. In addition, diet, exercise, water intake, vitamins & minerals in your blood also determine healthy hair. We are all unique however, in combination with The Secret Weapon you will know if the product is right for you within a few weeks.

In addition to using the oil, is there anything else that we can do to address hair growth?

As a Licensed Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Stylist & Loctician, I focus on making sure the hair is clean, moisturized, and sealed. I tell my clients that each product they use should do at least one of these things. If it doesn’t you don’t need it.

What are the top 3 hair loss concerns that you hear from women?

This is huge! I see hair loss caused by stress, various forms of alopecia, and improper grooming practices. We are seeing hair loss on our hair lines, in the crown, and along the hair shaft.

What tips can you give us on scalp maintenance?

The best advice I can give as a Hair Care Professional is to keep your hair and scalp clean, moisturized, and sealed. Read your product ingredient labels to make sure the first 5 ingredients are NOT from derived sources. Stay away from regular use of waxes, parabens, petroleum, & too much protein. Treat your hair with love and kindness. Grooming our hair will always be a ritual. As much as possible make time to pamper yourself when caring for your hair.

What advice can you give women who want to start their own business?

I absolutely love this question! Being in Business for about 10 years now, I pray everyone who wants to contribute to our communities through providing a product or service or both to have that opportunity. So first, open a business within your passions. Pray for clarity and fight against operating from a place of fear. Second, set your goal and mission in business HIGHER than just making money. How are you going to give back, pay it forward, etc. Third, be authentic. You have a unique perspective and audience that is looking for what you have to offer. Fourth, keep learning. Fifth, approach your days with humility and grace. Sixth, have fun with your clients, and staff.

What’s next for Honeylocs?

I believe there is a need to protect those who wear their natural hair in Twists, Locs, and braids in the work place, and in our schools so I would like to see the CROWN ACT made into law here in Texas.

Customers who purchase the WOC Limited Edition Box will receive a Secret Weapon Essential Growth Oil. What is the one thing you want them to know?

I am honored beyond measure to have one of my creations in your home. My goal is to assist you with healthy hair through my products.

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