Go Green with Clean Beauty Collective

When it comes to sustainable beauty, many brands are changing their footprints and are incorporating new green initiatives by not using toxic ingredients that are beneficial for both the consumer and environment. Clean Beauty Collective is making its mark on a growing sustainable industry and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to this brand and their Clean Reserve Best Sellers Duo Fragrance Set - Solar Bloom and Rain in the October Box. Read all about this fragrance set, how you can mix them to create your own unique scent and more about the brand’s sustainable practices.

How did the brand get its start?

The desire to capture the quintessential “clean” scent in a bottle is what started it all. The first fragrance, CLEAN® now better known as “The Original” under the CLEAN CLASSIC® collection, was inspired by a bar of soap offering a “just stepped out of the shower” clean scent that was light, understated and easy-to-wear. CLEAN® was not only the name of the first fragrance that started it all but also became the brand name. Subsequently, in 2018 the company that owned CLEAN®, changed its company name to Clean Beauty Collective as it expanded its fragrance collections: CLEAN CLASSIC®, CLEAN RESERVE® and CLEAN RESERVE AVANT GARDEN®.

Talk to us about your brand’s sustainable practices.

At the heart of the CLEAN BEAUTY COLLECTIVE is our promise to create beauty products that are Simple, Trusted and Conscious. CLEAN fragrances are simple meaning our scents and packaging are understated and minimalist. CLEAN fragrances are trusted, as they are free of ingredients that our customers may not want, such as dyes or phthalates. Lastly, our products are conscious using eco-conscious and sustainable packaging materials, green filling practices, never tested on animals or using animal by products. We have also recently partnered with EarthDay.Org to help our planet and sponsor their Protect Our Species campaign to protect endangered pollinators like bees.

Your packaging is very attractive. Is that also an eco-conscious practice?

We care about the health of the planet and aim to create beautiful yet simple products with a minimalist design using only the essentials. Working with vendors who use green manufacturing processes and minimizing the amount of waste produced by the packaging is of paramount importance. The cap is made of sustainable wood from Spain, the glass bottle is recyclable, and the carton is made from FSC-certified paper printed with non-toxic soy and water-based inks. The corn-derived cellophane is biodegradable and compostable.

What are the notes in CLEAN RESERVE Rain and Solar Bloom?

CLEAN RESERVE Rain was inspired by a world renewed and refreshed after a lush rain fall. This unique unisex fragrance captures the dewy scent that lingers in the air after a lush rainfall. Crisp, watery cucumber notes and airy musk blend with vetiver and patchouli adding a touch of earthiness to create the calming scent you inhale walking in the woods after a passing rain.

CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom was inspired by dawn’s radiance as the sun’s warmth begins to caress the skin. This radiant fragrance glows with sparkling citrus notes of bergamot & green mandarin while a floral bouquet of jasmine blooms at the heart adding a vibrancy to the earthy charcoal tones and sensual coconut water. This scent is the "perfect day at the beach" captured in a bottle.

Can you mix and wear these two fragrances together?

All the fragrances are designed to be worn alone or mixed together offering people the opportunity to create their own unique scent. However, there are fragrances that work especially well together creating a more universal appeal like CLEAN RESERVE Rain & CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom.

Where does your inspiration come from when you create your fragrances?

Staying true to the “clean” fragrance DNA is what sets this brand apart from the more conventional fragrance brands and “clean” is the one word that continues to inspire unique ways of creating a new “clean” scent. All of the fragrances in the collections have a “clean” scent characteristic woven throughout each fragrance – some more obvious than others.

What are your top selling fragrances?

CLEAN RESERVE Warm Cotton [reserve blend] & CLEAN RESERVE Skin [reserve blend] have proven to be cult favorites in the CLEAN RESERVE collection which launched in 2016; however, Radiant Nectar, the latest fragrance in the CLEAN RESERVE collection has quickly become the “must have” fan favorite of the year.

How long do your fragrances last?

The longevity of a fragrance can be dependent on your skin type, PH balance and how much fragrance is applied. As a general rule, fragrances don’t last as long on dry skin as they would on oilier skin. Therefore, spritzing your hair can make a fragrance last longer as hair is known to be a great carrier of fragrance. Clean Beauty Collective recommends dabbing fragrances vs rubbing and layering fragrances creates your own unique scent and can help increase longevity as well.

What are some of your best combinations?

CLEAN RESERVE Radiant nectar pairs particularly well with CLEAN RESERVE Skin [reserve blend] to add a soft cozy warmth and CLEAN RESERVE Rain [reserve blend] to create the ultimate mouthwatering freshness.

What is the best way to find the perfect fragrance?

The best way to find the perfect fragrance is similar to finding the perfect person – sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your soulmate. The best recommendation, though not the most efficient, is to try several fragrances on your skin in-store or sign up for monthly subscriptions programs that offer customers fragrance samples (along with other beauty products) or check retailer/brand websites for sample sets.

What’s next for Clean Beauty?

CLEAN BEAUTY COLLECTIVE is the pioneer and authority on “clean” fragrances and has been for the past 17 years. Our fragrances have always been eco-conscious, vegan, cruelty free and free of chemicals consumers may not want. We want to leverage our success, leadership and expertise in the “clean” fragrance category and be the “clean” choice for hair, body & skin care. We don’t have to be experts in these categories. We only need to be experts in one thing - knowing what it means and what it takes to offer formulas that deliver on our name, CLEAN®

For those who receive the October Box they will receive CLEAN BEAUTY COLLECTIVE Clean Reserve Best Sellers Duo Fragrance Set - Solar Bloom and Rain. What is the main thing that you want customers to know?

We carefully craft every CLEAN RESERVE fragrance with clean formulas you can feel good about. Additionally, Solar Bloom and Rain [reserve blend] are both made with sustainable vetiver from Haiti to support the programs that provide education and healthcare for local farmers. CLEAN RESERVE also funds a program that provides drinking water to the farmers in Haiti.

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