Mugure Crawford - Urban Radio "It" Girl/Media Specialist

Mugure Crawford’s love for music and radio started in her teens during the golden era of Rap/ Hip Hop Soul of the 1980s & 90s. She was exposed to music of all genres from her East African/Kenyan roots, which included a radio in every room of the house. She currently holds one of her dream jobs working for the SVP of Programming for Radio One Inc. and supporting other Program Directors at Radio One's 53 Radio Stations in 15 Markets across the country. Read on to find out what products this media maven can’t live without--her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

Hair: Design Essentials Sleek Edge moisturizes and holds my natural edges firmly all day long.

Makeup: Nars Satin Lipstick Pencils go on smooth, have vibrant colors, and won’t dry out like the usual matte lipstick. My favorite colors include: Cruella, Red Square, Dragon Girl, and Damned.

Skin care: My dermatologist, Dr Beverly Johnson, keeps my skin clear and fresh by having me use her Cleanser, Night Cream, and Toning/Complexion Pads. This skincare system is perfect for me to keep my face free from blackheads and breakouts. Plus it won’t dry out my skin like most skincare products do on African Americans. Products and pricing change depending on skin care needs. She handles all issues typical to African American skin.

Nails: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails is simple and to the point. I like to keep my nails short and manicured with little worry about colors or paint, and for my hands this does the job while keeping them healthy. I prefer clear.

Fragrance: Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne has a light and citrusy scent. I wear this especially when I want to smell sweet yet sexy. I want to try the whole collection, in fact, for their wide variety of natural citrus and floral scents.

Beauty Indulgence: The stone massage at Robert Andrews in Crofton, MD. I received this spa treatment as a wonderful birthday gift from my loving husband Lamon, and it was the ultimate calming, relaxing experience. It is an application of smooth, warm stones incorporated into a Swedish massage. “The stones' warmth flows deep into the body to melt tension.”