As we close out our holiday season this year, one thing we can never get enough of is a good holiday candle. Cheers to you with the Holiday Cheer scented candle from Maison de Michelle! This candle will set the mood and help you enjoy a cozy moment at home as you indulge in the rest of your Holiday Limited Edition Box. Read all about how a Michelle Maison, a formulation chemist who created a line of scented candles that are perfect for all year around.

How did the brand get its start?

The brand started from my desire to create my own brand of quality products and a love for fragrances. I am a formulation chemist by profession and because of this, I've had the pleasure of making a variety of consumer products. I love to create products and getting positive feedback from consumers on how much they enjoy and appreciate what I make.

What inspired your candle collection?

Various aspects from my homeland, Guyana, South America, predominantly inspired the candle collection. For example, the color and fragrance of our Dark Cherry candle, is reminiscent of our popular Sorrel Drink. Our Water Lily candle is inspired by Guyana's national flower, the Victoria Lily/Victoria Regia/Victoria Amazonica. Other scents are inspired by various places I've lived in the US e.g. Sweet Lemon is an ode to Southern California Lemon groves. Basically the scents are inspired by my life experiences.

What does the Holiday Cheer candle consist of?

Holiday Cheer is a hand poured Soy Blend candle that consists of a festive blend of red fruit, cinnamon and vanilla. It's aroma makes any living space feel and smell like the holidays. Nevertheless, this candle can be burned all year round.

What are your top selling fragrances?

Our top selling fragrances in no particular order are Dark Cherry, Lavender Blossom, Water Lily, and Sweet Lemon.

How many sizes do you offer?

Our Garden Collection has both small (8oz) and medium (12oz) sizes. The Holiday Collection is offered only in medium (12 oz). Our new The Modern Man Collection only comes in one size 10 oz.

What’s next for Maison de Michelle?

In the years ahead, we hope to expand a bit more into the home decor aspect. In 2019 we hope to add to our product portfolio handmade bath and body cleansing products such as moisturizing soaps.

For customers who purchase the Holiday Limited Edition Box, they will receive a travel size of the Holiday Cheer Candle. What is the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

The impression we would like to leave with customers is that the Holiday Cheer candle is a perfect indication of the rest of our collection that combines vibrant colors and fragrances that will leave any living space or room fragrant, enjoyable and memorable.


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