Line + Define With Clove + Hallow

Creating toxin-free cosmetics and running a sustainable business are two major components that the owner of Clove + Hallow, Sarah Biggers-Stewart, completely stands by. This former makeup artist refuses to compromise her values as she runs her sustainable beauty cosmetic companies. The Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner is just one example from her many sustainable, affordable makeup line. We know that you will fall in love with the full-size liquid eyeliner that we have included in our first Makeup Lovers Box. Not only will you never have to worry about smudging, flaking, or bleeding, you can also trust that Line + Define is an ophthalmologist-tested formula free from Prop 65 carbon black, with a precision felt tip that makes application a breeze. Find out more about how Sarah created two sustainable makeup brands and how to use this clean beauty eyeliner.

How did CLOVE+HALLOW get its start?

I graduated from an engineering institute but decided to get into the beauty industry as a freelance makeup artist. I loved makeup artistry and never intended to make my own line! It wasn’t until I got sick and started paying attention to the list of ingredients of products that I used and realized there was a huge white space that CLOVE + HALLOW could fill. I knew that I would also take the line more premium and would double back to bring an accessibly-priced version to market, and that’s where Clover by CLOVE + HALLOW comes in.

Is Clover by Clove + Hallow the sister company to Clove+ Hallow?

Clover by CLOVE + HALLOW is a new sister brand to CLOVE + HALLOW. CLOVE + HALLOW is our prestige brand with an emphasis on organics and in-house manufacturing, retailed in high end spas and boutiques. Clover by CLOVE + HALLOW has similar values but with more of an emphasis on sustainability, but we're utilizing mass distribution through partners like Rite Aid and Free People to make our products more accessible!

What’s the difference between the two brands?

It's definitely challenging to manage the two brands, but it's a fun kind of challenge. We get to do different things with them and target different markets, so there is always something exciting to work towards.

How long were you working as a makeup artist before you created your own line?

I had been freelancing for 4 years when I started C+H!

What do you value as a company?

At our core, we value realness.

Talk to us about Prop 65 and Line + Define.

Line + Define is actually special because it ISN’T under the Prop 65 regulations. Prop 65 is a required disclosure on products that use specific ingredients which are known to the state of California to cause reproductive harm. Carbon black, the most common colorant in black eyeliners, is a Prop 65 regulated ingredient. We use iron oxides instead.

What is Clean15?

Our Clean15™guarantee is our formulation strategy of using only 15 or fewer safe, ethical, and vegan ingredients per base formula. 

How is Clean 15 more beneficial? 

From a formulating standpoint, it requires us to be very thoughtful about the ingredients we use. We can’t just add fluff ingredients to our products since we have a limited number available. We have to get creative! And from a customer perspective, I like that it makes our ingredient lists less overwhelming.

Is it better to use a kohl eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner?

I think they’re both great for different purposes. If you want more of a smokey eye, a kohl eyeliner is going to be more smudgeable. But for a crisp winged liner or graphic eyeliner, a liquid liner like Line + Define is the way to go!

What tips can you give us on how to use the Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner?

Shake up the bottom, remove the precision applicator, and apply in short thin strokes right to your lash line. I like to dip back in for more product as soon as it starts to feel dry, to get the best application. For a winged eyeliner look, sweep the liner across your lash line and then right before you get to the outer corner, draw a line that looks like an extension from your lower eyelid. Connect that line to the eyeliner you already applied to your upper lash line.

CLOVE + HALLOW Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner (ONYX)


How long is the shelf for the Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner?

You can keep this product stored unopened for up to 24 months. Like the majority of liquid eye products (eyeliners, mascaras, etc.), the ideal shelf life once it has been opened is 3 months.

How important is sustainability to CLOVE + HALLOW?

Very important. We just rebranded to accommodate additional sustainability initiatives. While I love makeup as much as the next gal, it isn’t worth ruining our planet; as an industry, we have to make smarter decisions! That’s why we are a Certified Net Plastic Neutral business and the majority of our components are sustainable. Both CLOVE + HALLOW’s Line + Define and Clover by CLOVE + HALLOW’s Pressed Silk Blushing Balm are packaged in components made from 100% previously recycled plastic!

What are your hero products?

CLOVE + HALLOW’s bestselling makeup item is our longwearing Lip Velvet, and our bestselling skincare item is Balancing Oil. For Clover by CLOVE + HALLOW, our bestselling product is the Plush Pigment Stick!

What advice would you give to other women who want to create their own brand?

Don’t be deterred by all the things you don’t know. It’s great to have a vision and a plan, but in the beginning its most important to keep putting one foot in front of the other. With a phone and an internet connection, you can learn just about anything and figure out your next step. 

What’s next for Clove+Hallow?

CLOVE + HALLOW is expanding its eye makeup and skincare collections throughout 2022 and relaunching our foundation range. For Clover by CLOVE + HALLOW, our focus is on growing our retail partnerships with Rite Aid and Free People, plus launching a few other key retailers to ensure our products are available when you’re already shopping!

Those who get the Makeup Lovers Box will get a Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner. What is the one thing you want them to know?

One thing to know about Line + Define: There is a really fine balance between product performance and a product that is safe. With Line + Define, I tried to mimic the felt-tip style eyeliners as best as I could, but without using carbon black since it is known to be toxic and also ensuring that it is ophthalmologist tested for gentleness! It's also packaged in 100% previously recycled plastic!


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