Discover the 360° Approach to Clean Beauty

As we continue to move past this pandemic, one thing’s for sure, we’re ready to wear makeup again! And the timing couldn’t be perfect with our first-ever Makeup Lovers Box. We want to help you get camera-ready, ready to hit the streets, or whatever your plans are, we have it all for you in our Winter Edition box. You will love the Diamond Shadow – Brilliant Eye Color in Gold Dust from dome BEAUTY. This highly pigmented, rich metallic shadow will provide a silky look no matter if you apply it wet or dry. We can’t forget to mention that Founder, Mar Cavallone has incorporated a 360°approach to making all of her products with clean ingredients.  Find out more about dome BEAUTY’s commitment to clean beauty and how to get the most out of using this Brilliant Eye Color.

How did Dome Beauty get its start?  

Dome began with the idea that clean beauty should be for everyone. I also wanted people to connect with the concept of the brand. My family is one of mixed race and diversity and I saw a gap in clean beauty for this consumer. At dome BEAUTY, we want to make sure that everyone is represented no matter your age, race, sexual orientation, or abilities. Our brand tag line is “Clean Beautiful You®”.

What was your first product that you created? 

Our brushes! Fun Fact, that is where our name came from. All our brushes are dome shaped and designed to fit the varying 3-dimensional contours of your face. I always say, your clean beauty products are only as clean as your brushes. So, I created our patent pending Form ~ Function™ washable brush covers and infused our brushes with charcoal to provide added antimicrobial properties. 

Brush Kit

How were your brushes received?  

When I created Clean Essentials Brush Kit it won 3 awards withing the first 4 months.  Get ready! We are getting ready to re-launch a new and improved version of our brush kit in 2022.

What is the 360° Clean Philosophy all about? 

We wanted to make sure that dome BEAUTY was clean as a whole. We don’t just mean the ingredients in our formulas, our products (all dome products are made in Europe), packaging (both product packaging and unit boxes), application (charcoal infused brushes and washable brush covers), and solidarity (products made for everyone especially women/men of color).  We live and breathe this philosophy and are always looking for ways to expand on our 360° Clean Philosophy.  

What is your brand’s commitment to creating eco-friendly products?  

We will always go above and beyond when it comes to being eco-friendly. We use unique eco-friendly packaging for our products like our rice husk compacts and lip gloss caps.  All of our unit boxes are made from FSC paper and plant-based ink. We use recycled and reusable bubble mailers for all dome beauty ecommerce purchases and ship everything carbon neutral.  We also have a recycling program with TerraCycle and have recycled over 4,500 pieces of cosmetic packaging. We all need to go the extra mile to help preserve our planet for future generations.

DOME COSMETICS Diamond Shadow – Brilliant Eye Color (Gold Dust)

What inspired a wet & dry eye shadow?  

High performing products is at the cornerstone of dome BEAUTY. Anyone can develop an eye shadow, but if we produce an eye shadow you are guaranteed the eye shadow will stay put.  A wet/dry eye shadow provides versatility. Our goal was to provide multiple application options, so we added the wet / dry option to our Diamond Shadows.  

How can you use the Diamond Shadow?  

Our wet/dry option began with our diamond shadows to add an extra application option. They can be used dry for a wash of color and when you dampen your brush you can add a level of color intensity that’s like having a second shade.  You can also use these shadows as an eye liner when you dampen your eyeliner brush.  

 Met Gala


What type of brush do you recommend using? 

The custom designed dome BEAUTY Charcoal Infused Eye Shadow Brush is the perfect brush to use with our diamond shadows. This brush is, dome shaped and fits perfectly into the varying contours of your eyes.  You can achieve any look with this brush.  It is small enough to reach the inside corners of your eye and perfectly fill in the rest of your eye lid. 

Will the Diamond Shadow crease? 

No, these shadows are smooth as silk and glide on with ease for a perfect application. They will not crease.

What are the best ways to use the Diamond Shadow for day and night?  

This is where the wet/dry feature really comes into play. For a day look you can apply them dry for a softer whisp of color. For an evening look, you can apply them with a damp brush to add that color intensity you want for your night out on the town or event.

How many colors does the Diamond Shadow come in?  

The diamond shadows come in 9 shades: Pink Prism, Iced Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Amber Legend, Sienna Stone, Brazen Bronze, Gold Dust, Precious Metal and Black Onyx.

What makes your eye shadow different from other shadows on the market? 

They are made in Italy and formulated to perform. For a pressed powder shadow, you will get high performance and great color payoff like you’ve never seen before.


What’s your hero product?  

Our mascara and eye jewels are our hero products.

To get the complete eye look, I would recommend adding our eye jewels to compliment your Gold Dust Diamond Shadow. Rose Gold and Chocolate Diamond eye Jewels would be the perfect complement to your finished look.  Our mascara is an amazing clean formula with a unique brush design that grabs both short and long lashes in one swoop.  I am mascara obsessed and tried over 100 formulas before I found our Magnetic Mascara. You will love it. 

What trends are you seeing now and for spring 22?  

I was excited to see the new pantone color for 2022 very peri.  It’s the perfect shade for Spring.   In Spring 2022 you will see unique uses of eye shadow and liner for creative eye looks and a pop of color for your lips.  Our eye jewels are great to create unique and creative eye looks and try our lip gloss in shade Frida or Greta which will be perfect for the Spring.

What’s next for dome Beauty?  

Our next launch is going to be our new black gel eyeliner which is made from an eco-friendly cellulose tube as a sustainable alternative to wood or plastic.  I’m totally obsessed with this liner.  It will stay put too! Late 2022 you will see the beginning of complexion products for dome.  We are working on 17 shades of concealer and 36 shades of foundation.  Both formulas are 97% natural before colorants.  

Those who get the Makeup Lovers Box will receive a full-size Diamond Eye Shadow. What is the one thing you want them to know?  

The Diamond Shadows are one of my favorite products and very versatile in application options and the shade Gold Dust is a best seller! Be creative use them day or night, as shadow (wet or dry), eyeliner, or as an eye highlight.    

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