Some of the best skin care products originate from homemade formulas that have been tried and tested by people who are looking for natural solutions to cure their skin care concerns. We are happy to partner with VMV Hypoallergenics for our Mega Beauty Spring 2018 Edition Box and even happier to introduce their Know-It-Oil to you. Read all about how this organic virgin Coconut Oil can improve your overall health from its culinary uses to skin care.
How did VMV Hypoallergenics get its start?

Our founding Dermatologist successfully treated her husband of lifetime chronic skin issues with her own formulations and he suggested that she brand them to help other people with their health as well.
Talk to us about the hypoallergenic grading system.

VMV Hypoallergenics' products are clinically validated hypoallergenic which means they are excluded from common irritants and allergens. VMV transparently indicates possible allergens in the product ingredient lists. These common allergens are excluded or minimized to the least possible per formulation. The VH rating is now up to 109 allergen exclusions. For example, if a product has one possible allergen, it will be rated at 108/109 and that ingredient is underscored and asterisked in the ingredients list. People with highly sensitive or allergenic skin are encouraged to do a skin patch test to avoid being affected by use any of the products. VMV references the common allergens as studied and indicated by the global authorities of the NACDG (North America Contact Dermatitis Group) and ESSCA (European Surveillance System on Contact Allergies), who perform thousands and thousands of tests with people from around the world identifying common allergies. Sadly, in the last few years, the rise of common allergens has dramatically grown from 76 to 109 according to our grading system. VMV reformulates where necessary to maintain the brand’s mission of offering clinically validated hypoallergenic products.
Talk to us about the key ingredient in Know-It-Oil?

Clinically validated, 100% USDA-certified organic virgin Coconut Oil that is 100% FREE of all types of fragrance, dye, phthalate, additive, paraben, preservative, cholesterol and trans-fat. It’s even of food-grade quality (edible) plus non-comedogenic. Our Coconut Oil is for all skin types, even for very sensitive skin, for women, Men, Children 0+. VH rating -109/109 excludes all common allergens. Best of all, our Coconut Oil is grown on the company’s organic farm and practically fresh from tree to bottle. The certified-organic cold-and-first-pressed virgin Coconut Oil is prepared within hours of optimum age to retain the coconut phyto-nutrients and healthy fatty acids. It is pressed entirely manually (by hand propeller), without centrifuge, heat or additives. For instance, a traditional winery and their farming and harvesting process, respects and works with the natural plant properties to create the best product. Many people recognize the superior quality immediately when opening the Know-It-Oil bottle. They also notice the gentle, fresh, authentic aroma and how quickly it absorbs into their skin when they use it.
What are the benefits of this key ingredient?

Our high quality Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil is simple and smart, its comprehensive care for the entire family. It’s an incomparable moisturizer with fatty acids native to skin. It helps to repair damage from environmental factors. It also improves the skin cell wall saturation and is abundant in medium-chain triglycerides and saturated fatty acids. Coconut Oil also helps reduce inflammation and replaces lost lipids. Coconut Oil is for all skin types, even extremely dry and medically managed conditions.
What are the uses for this oil?

There are so many ways to use Know-It-Oil to improve your health. Here’s just a few popular ways: Massage as needed over face, body, and hair, scalp. You can also use a nutritional spoonful as a health supplement, in cooking or salads. Our product can also used for your dogs, just drip a little drop in your dog’s food to relieve his itchy skin and his fur is so much softer too.
What can we expect when we use this oil?

Long lasting moisturized skin without greasiness, glossy soft hair, soothed scalp, a perfect body massage and yummy salad dressing!
Is this oil for all skin types?

Yes and for people of all ages, even babies.
What other products can you suggest from your line to go with the Know-It Oil?

Our Clark Wash is a wonderful hair and body cleanser that can be used before Know-It-Oil. If facial anti-aging is a concern, Know-It-Oil can be used with the Re-Everything facial line where the Re-Everything Eye Serum + is a very popular and high performance light eye serum.
What is the company’s commitment to safe and effective products?

Safety and effectiveness is everything at VMV Hypoallergenics. Our brand is diligent and performs studies, research, testing and development for every product. We perform randomized, double blind clinical studies. VMV has been published in peer-reviewed dermatological journals. We also use the highest quality ingredients that are obtained to use the fewest ingredients as possible to make safe and effective products. Everything that goes into a VMV product is tested and must be hypoallergenic, including the packaging.
What’s next for VMV Hypoallergenic?

Because one in four people now have sensitive or allergic skin, about 50% of them are women. VMV remains focused on the brand’s core mission of creating and offering clinically validated hypoallergenic products. As the population’s health needs grows, along with world communication techniques, VMV aims to reach more people around the world with allergen-free products who want happier and healthier lifestyles.
For our customers who purchase the Mega Beauty Box Spring 2018 Edition, they will be receiving a Know- It- Oil in their box. What is the one take-away that you want to leave them with?

Modern lifestyles and our own genetics as well many things we encounter on a daily basis can take a toll on our health. We must try to take the best care of ourselves. Simple can be better when it comes to health VMV's Know-It-Oil is made with the upmost care and is hypoallergenic and certified organic. It's a superior moisturizer for face, body and hair and everyone in the family. To keep up with VMV Hypoallergenics, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.