Inside the Brand: TriDerma, The Fast Healing Moisturizer Your Skin Deserves!

Now that Fall is upon us, dry skin will return with a vengeance. But not to worry, mega-moisturizing cream, TRIDERMA Extreme Dryness PLUS, will be your skin’s shield against extremely dry and damaged skin. More than just your typical moisturizer, TriDerma is formulated with all the goodness your skin deserves such as AP4® Aloe Vera Complex, Vitamins A, B & E, Allantoin and Dimethicone and Natural Licorice. With TriDErma a part of your beauty arsenal this winter, you’ll love the skin you’re in.

Tell us the TriDerma story. How did the brand get its start?

TriDerma® was founded after one woman’s struggle to find safe and effective skin healing, after a surgical procedure left her skin itching, burning and in need of fast healing. Back then, her doctor’s only advise was, “there isn’t anything on the market to help your skin heal faster than the normal healing process.” Not happy with that answer, she was determined to create her own proprietary complex infused with fast healing botanicals.

We now offer more than 100 unique products made with organic Aloe Vera, plus other medical strength natural botanicals. Our goal is to create the perfect healing formulations for specific skin irritations using only the finest quality and most effective ingredients. We are proudly woman owned and customer approved for the past 24 years.


What ingredients or properties make your product especially effective or unique?

Each and every TriDerma product is made with our proprietary AP4 Aloe Vera Complex. This complex, which is made up of organic Aloe Vera, acts as a precursor to the skin. When it is combined with our specifically chosen ingredients, allows the product to work faster and more effectively. We are passionate in our pursuit of fast healing, natural botanicals that do not cause harmful side effects and are cruelty free.

What isn’t in our products is just as important as what is. Unlike prescriptions that may cause harmful side effects or other products on the market, our products contain:
- No Cortisone
- No Parabens
- No Steroids
- No Artificial Dyes

Does the cream contain SPF?

The Extreme Dryness PLUS™ does not contain SPF. However, we did launch 2 brand new, broad spectrum sunscreens in April of 2016. The Light & Delicate Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 PA+++ and the Light & Delicate Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ are luxurious formulas that help protect skin against unwanted signs of aging due to harmful sun exposure.

Why does a woman need your product in her skin care routine?

Because our skin is our outermost defensive system, it is important to maintain healthy skin without the use of harmful ingredients that ultimately cause side effects. TriDerma products offer effective, botanical-based skin healing without the use of steroids, cortisone and/or parabens. We believe that every woman needs to trust the products she is using, by understanding their main ingredients. This is why we have reformulated every single TriDerma product to be as natural as possible.

Compared to competitor products, we offer natural and effective skin healing that won’t break the bank. Keeping true to our medical heritage, our catalog now includes 100 unique items for all types of skin conditions. If you have a condition, we most likely have a product for you!

What's in the pipelines for the Brand?

TriDerma is gearing up for an exciting new product launch within the next 6 months. Keep an eye out for a brand new 3 step Acne system, a luxury line, as well as every day skin care products for maintaining healthy skin.


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