September 2016


    From Farmers Branch, Texas to stores across the United States, the Tree Hut brand has made exfoliating, cleansing, nourishing and softening the skin their top priority. With products such as scrubs, butters, lotions, soaks and washes, Tree Hut has something for everyone. What has made the brand ... View Post
  • Save on Your Favorite Products with our September Monthly Discount Codes

    Many of our brand partners offer exclusive, limited time discounts on their products and at their sites for COCOTIQUE subscribers! You can try out the products in your box, discover the ones you love and then buy the full sizes using our monthly discount codes! Head to the COCOTIQUE Shop to check... View Post
  • Inside the Brand: TriDerma, The Fast Healing Moisturizer Your Skin Deserves!

    Now that Fall is upon us, dry skin will return with a vengeance. But not to worry, mega-moisturizing cream, TRIDERMA Extreme Dryness PLUS, will be your skin’s shield against extremely dry and damaged skin. More than just your typical moisturizer, TriDerma is formulated with all the goodness you... View Post
  • INSIDE THE BRAND: Stop Itching and Start Healing the Dr. Marder Way!

    1 in 5 or 50 million people in the US suffer from dandruff, which is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. While minor flaking is normal, large amounts of flacking is often accompanied by redness and irritation. In some cases dandruff can be easily treated with dandruff shampoos however... View Post