Inside the Brand: Subscribe To Healthy Hair and Skin With Keirenae

Healthy hair and skin is always welcomed and a brand that can achieve both, well that is the Holy Grail. The best, most tried and true products often begin with an observation and then a concoction in the kitchen. Keirenae is a brand rich in history with a clear vision and it is made with love for the entire family.

Tell us the Keirenae story. How did the brand get its start?
Keirenae was started based on a need that was not really being addressed. I felt like myself, friends and family needed help in individualized hair and skincare. I have family members with psoriasis and I was suffering from bald spots in my scalp. I started helping them out with what I thought would help them in their quest. I was concocting recipes in my kitchen.

What type of woman uses Keirenae Spa Essentials products?

Keirenae is made for the entire family. However I have certain set of characteristics of what I envision the ultimate 'Keirenae Girl' would embody:

  1. She Recognizes Her Importance

  2. She takes pride in her hair and skin care.

  3. She loves the skin she is in whether it be a size 0 to 28 or her complexion is butter pecan to decadent fudge.

  4. She has strong beliefs and morals. It’s part of what makes us stronger and more successful in life. Sure, those beliefs are always being challenged, but she stands strong by what she believes in.

  5. She sets her own rules and blazes her own path. Lives life to the fullest with no regrets and on her own terms.

What makes your products especially effective or unique?
My products are effective because a majority of the ingredients are natural or organic and they are handmade with love and convenience. Many times pure and simple ingredients will work best in a situation. Also, many of my products are dual performing. Take for instance our Hair & Body Butter (our best seller). This butter can be used in countless ways in the hair and as a skin moisturizer. Its base ingredient is Shea Butter.

Why does a woman need your hair and skincare products in her beauty routine?
I wish I would have known when I was younger what I know now about taking care of my hair and skin. Take care of your body while you are young and it will take care of you in the long run. Our hair and skin need to be 'tamed' or 'conditioned' to act right. Don't wait until there are wrinkles under your eyes to start moisturizing or your edges are thinning. Start early, start now with a daily beauty regimen.

What's new for the brand?
The brand is now trying to expand its global reach and possibly incorporate new products this year. Additionally we always hold events that cater to the empowerment of women. Our next event is May 21st at the International Hair and Beauty Show. We will have two of your favorite bloggers on hand to help answer all your hair care questions and to talk about health and wellness; which is so important. It's going to be awesome! Join our mailing list at for more information.

Any new product releases that you would like to share with our readers?
This month we will be releasing a curly pudding to help tame the frizz. Any new suggests for products are welcomed. We are a hair and skin boutique. We cater to YOU.