Inside the Brand: Solo Noir for Men

Solo Noir knows that not all men are created equal, so they’ve created a line of products that cater to a variety of grooming approaches, and their easy to use cleansing and shaving systems work to keep the overall process simple. From softening skin, to preventing ingrown hairs, Solo Noir has got healthy skin covered—with founder and female entrepreneur Andrea Polk, MBA at the helm. Read on to learn more about the brand and what a Solo Noir Man is like.

When did you first notice the void in the grooming products market for men, and how does the brand seek to fill that void?
For years the multi-cultural male grooming market has been overlooked and Solo Noir® has the solution to the market’s void. Solo Noir® offers cutting edge skin care products that are coupled with organic ingredients to achieve skin perfection in male consumers that suffer from: ingrown hairs, uneven skin tone, and dry skin; or just men that want to have an organic skin care regimen. Whatever your skin concern, Solo Noir® has a grooming product for you.

Why are Solo Noir for Men products based around a 2-in-1 model?
Solo Noir® skin care products are 2-in-1, making grooming simple for the busy male. Each bottle packs a dual punch of healthy benefits to promote smooth and healthy skin. Men prefer simplicity and Solo Noir has designed the perfect formula to achieve skin perfection in every bottle.

Solo Noir® wants to make skin care easy so we put together a 1-2-3-step system that makes grooming fast, easy and efficient. Our Cleansing 101 facial wash, scrub, and moisturizer combo addresses acne, ingrown hairs, and moisturizing concerns. And our Shaving 101 shaving cream, aftershave, and moisturizer give you shaving accuracy, soften the shaving area and allow for a closer shave. Solo Noir’s intent is to keep this process simple, and to not intimidate men--which can hinder them from trying our new system.

Who is the Solo Noir Man? What are his lifestyle and habits like?
A Solo Noir® Man is broken down into three key categories Metrosexual, Übersexual, and Traditional—and each has different approaches to their skin care regimen.

Metrosexual. The metrosexual is an upwardly mobile male who is very interested in his appearance and grooming and is always willing to try a new product or spa service.

Übersexual. Übersexual is a new classification. This man is interested in his appearance and grooming, but tends to be more traditionally manly and rugged than the metrosexual man. The übersexual man is open to products and services, but often requires they be presented in a masculine way with more manly names and packaging.

Traditional. Depending on his age, the traditional man is generally considered a non-skin care user, with the exception of soap, deodorant and shaving products. Once introduced to one or two products, usually through a female, however, he can become quite a loyal user as he begins to notice the quality of his skin improve.

Whether he is classified as a Metrosexual, Übersexual, or Traditional male the average man is starting to change his ways, and is beginning to use above average skin care products and regimens. Clear, healthy skin doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, and using the right skin care regimen will separate the men from the boys.

Lucky men who received our Father's Day box will receive deluxe samples of Solo Noir 2-in-1 Cleanser + Toner, and 2-in-1 Buff + Cleanse. How can they incorporate these products into their daily grooming routines?
The Solo Noir® regimen is broken down into Cleansing 101 and Shaving 101 to streamline the grooming process. Cleansing 101 includes a cleanser + toning regimen, facial exfoliate for ingrown hairs and blackheads, and a facial moisturizer + beard smoother. Shaving 101 includes a pre shave + shave cream, and an aftershave + toner.

Tell us about your VIP Lux Club and how consumers can join.
The Solo Noir ® VIP Lux Club allows our VIP customers to receive up to 15% off Solo Noir® grooming kits, free shipping, free samples, and quarterly product fulfillment. Click to join today!!

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