Inside the Brand: SheaMoisture Men's Shave & Groom Collection

With years of experience in making hair and skin care products for women, SheaMoisture turned their attention to men as well, and to helping to solve common issues with grooming and the unpleasant side effects of shaving. We take you Inside the Brand with the award-winning Men’s Shave & Groom Collection, and share how the man in your life can become a Real Smooth Man too.

Lucky recipients of our Father's Day box received full sizes of SheaMoisture Men’s Shave & Groom Collection African Black Soap Shave Crème and Tea Tree After Shave & Bump Preventer. Can you tell us about some of the benefits men can expect to get by using African Black Soap and Tea Tree oil on their skin?
Both ingredients help in relieving symptoms of troubled, problem skin. Specifically, African black soap washes away bacteria, gently exfoliates skin and aids in clearing breakouts. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that help reduce inflammation and razor burn while helping to soothe skin.

On your website, products are clustered into 3 regimens: shave, groom and style. Why was it important to showcase the products as sets?
SheaMoisture Men’s Shave & Groom products are our way of providing men with a luxurious, comfortable and healthy shaving experience. Because grooming is such a regular ritual for most men, we made it our mission to take the drudgery out of the routine, while offering solution-based, efficacious products with natural, certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Does skin type play a role in which men’s products will work best for each man, or are they designed to work universally?
We created the collection after hearing from male customers who complained of razor burn, bumps and other unpleasant side effects of shaving. The line addresses men’s most common grooming problems.

We love the message behind your Real Smooth Men campaign and videos. How did you devise the concept, and what has been the consumer response thus far?
The response from our community has been a positive one. We wanted to profile real life role models for our audience to demonstrate the power of men as dedicated to their families as they are to their professional success. The campaign illustrates what’s possible through hard work, preservation and faith. The “real” aspect of the campaign reflects the authenticity, strength and confidence — some might even call it swagger — it takes to be a responsible father. It also speaks to the certified organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients that make up all our products. The “smooth” part honors men as they balance work and home lives admirably, while making it all look so easy. Celebrity photographer Cheryl Fox shot our Real Smooth Men, and beautifully and organically captured these aspects of each man in the pictures featured in the ads.

Where can you find SheaMoisture Men’s Shave & Groom Collection products online?
Our site offers all our Men's Shave & Groom Collection for purchase online. Products are also available online at Lots of information and videos about our Real Smooth Men may be found at

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