Looking for a breath mist that doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, alcohols or preservatives? Well look no further, Moondani delivers a natural approach to fresh breath at anytime. Read all about how Sahar Ghavami created a product to fill a void in her constant on-the-go lifestyle.

How did the brand get its start?

Moondani started as a way to introduce cardamom as a breath freshener. It later developed into a beauty breath spray targeted to health and beauty conscious females. The brand is still fairly new, only a year old, we launched in the green beauty arena in April 2016.

What was the inspiration behind the breath mist?

I used to work in sales and I was non-stop, constantly travelling, making office visits, lunch/coffee meetings, networking events, etc. I needed something quick to freshen my breath before my next meeting. I never felt that gum and mints did anything besides just mask my breath. I ended up keeping a bag of cardamom in my purse and using that as a breath freshener and hence, the idea was born.

How committed is the brand to using natural ingredients?

At Moondani, we believe in the power of nature to unite everything we do. From style and glamour to healthy and natural, Moondani brings the best of both worlds together. What's natural doesn't have to be bland and what's tasty doesn't have to be bad for you. Moondani is the first ever breath spray that is not only natural, but tasty, and fits stylishly into your daily beauty routine. The unique blend is inspired by ancient Middle Eastern customs and the word 'Moondani' means everlasting in Farsi. We love Moondani's exotic flavor and are committed to using only the purest ingredients so that everyone has a chance to experience everlasting fresh breath.


What are the key ingredients in your breath mist?

Distilled Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Ginger Extract, Cardamom Oil, Fennel Oil, Natural Flavors (plant-based food oils)

How long does the breath mist last?

It really depends on each person’s individual palate. Some say our mist last for hours and for others only minutes.


Is this product for everyone?

Yes! It is packaged for women, but men can use it as well.

What’s the difference between your breath mist and other breath fresheners?

Our breath mist has a combination of natural breath freshening herbs that are not found in leading breath mints or gums. It also does not contain artificial sweeteners, alcohol, or preservatives, which are very common in all breath fresheners.

What’s next for Moondani Naturals?

We are working on a new flavor. Stay tuned!

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a Moondani Natural Breath Mist in their box, what is the one take-away you’d like to leave them with?

Fresh Breath!

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