What started out as a love for art, turned into a passion to educate professional makeup artists, later to become one of the best selling cosmetic companies across the globe. Read all about the humble beginnings of Make Up For Ever and how its Founder and Creative Director, Dany Sanz revolutionized the professional makeup industry by creating a masterpiece that included everything from color to technique that would take the makeup world by storm.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is a company created by an artist; tell us about Dany Sanz and how she turned her creative passion in to one of the world’s most sought after make up brands.

Make Up For Ever is a professional cosmetics brand founded in 1984 by artist Dany Sanz. Originally a painter and sculptor working in Parisian cabarets and theaters in the 1980s, Sanz discovered by chance that she could also paint on the actors’ skin; a revelation she coined as her “paintings in motion”. Sanz began teaching techniques of body painting to other makeup artists and creating her own products, slowly creating a following in the makeup community and a revolution in the world of makeup.

When did the brand get its start?

In the 1980s, there were very few products available to professional makeup artists, and the only ones available came in a limited number of shades and textures. Seeing an opportunity in the market, Sanz decided to create her own products. As more and more makeup artists and students began to request her products, she felt it was time to take things a step further. With the help of her husband, Jacques Waneph, she created MAKE UP FOR EVER in September of 1984, setting up her workplace and boutique at 5 rue la Boétie in Paris, France.

How many countries are you in?

MAKE UP FOR EVER is available in over 50 countries!

For years, Make Up For Ever was only available to the professional industry, when did the brand make its transition to retail?

In the 1990s, Sanz opened her first factory, allowing products to be created on a much wider scale. Retail distribution began first in department stores, then in Sephora in 1996, truly marking the brand’s expansion.

What was the deciding factor to take the brand to the market?

Like makeup artists, the public was won over by MAKE UP FOR EVER’s high-performance and innovative formulas. Dany saw this as an opportunity to supply consumers with the same quality of products as professionals, helping them become their own artists.


What was the inspiration behind the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation?

Developed specifically for the film and TV industry’s most advanced technology, Ultra HD Foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion on and off camera.

“My goal was to cope with the new 4k technology while keeping the main benefits of HD Foundation. Our Ultra HD Foundation had to meet the perfection needs of pros as well as the everyday needs of all women.” says, Dany Sanz, MAKE UP FOR EVER Founder and Creative Director.

What type of coverage does this foundation offer?

Ultra HD Liquid Foundation offers buildable, medium to full coverage with a second-skin finish.

What’s the best way to apply it?

There are a couple of different ways to apply:

  • Flat foundation brush: Tap to build coverage where needed. Then, stretch outward for a smoothing effect.

  • Sponge/blender: Use a press and roll motion to build coverage where needed.

  • Buffing brush: For a soft, airbrushed look, buff product into skin using a circular motion.

Talk to us about the importance of getting the right color foundation.

Choosing the right foundation is important to ensuring you achieve a flawless complexion and healthy, glowing skin throughout the day! If you choose a foundation that’s too light, it can often look grey, and if you choose a foundation that’s too deep, it won’t match your neck and you may get a line if not blended properly.

Is this foundation for all skin types?

Yes, our Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is suitable for all skin types.

In our September Box, our subscribers will find two deluxe travel sizes in two different colors Y445 and Y505, please tell us how we can use them as contouring colors.

Both shades have a rich, golden undertone. Depending on the subscriber’s skin tone, they can apply the warmer shade to the perimeters of their faces to achieve a bronzed, sun-kissed look.

How many shades does this foundation come in?

A wide range of 40 shades!

If buying foundation on line, how would someone choose their color?

It’s important to identify your undertone (yellow vs. red) and overtone (light vs. medium vs. tan vs. dark). Our Ultra HD Liquid Foundation has 40 shades that covers both undertones (Y vs. R) and overtone (light = 2, medium =3, tan = 4, dark = 5).

**To find your undertone, a general rule of thumb is to look at the inside of your wrists. If you see green veins, you typically have a golden/yellow undertone. If you see blue/purple veins, you typically have a red/pink undertone. Then, you can determine the overtone for how light/dark you want the foundation to be.

What type of primer would you suggest before applying the foundation?

We recommend priming skin with our Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer. Available in 10 formulas to target every texture and tone concern, Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer will help balance the skin and deliver a long lasting, even makeup result.


Does the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation have to be set with a powder?

We recommend finishing your look with Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose or Pressed Powders. These blurring powders instantly give skin a natural finish, while absorbing excess oils and helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines.


What are the top make up trends for this fall?

We’re expecting to see a lot of berry/deep red lips. Our Artist Liquid Matte collection offers shades that are perfect to support this fall trend.

What’s next for Make Up For Ever?

We recently launched Artist Face Color, which is a new customizable range of Highlight, Sculpt, and Blush powders. First, you select a single, duo, or trio palette. Then, fill it with Artist Face Color shades in any combination of your choice. The formula is highly pigmented and super blendable. This new product comes in 34 shades and 3 finishes to choose from, there is a shade for every skin tone.

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come in 2018!

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving two deluxe travel size samples of the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in their box, what is the one take away that you want to leave them with?

Our Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is available in an expanded range of 40 shades to match all skin tones, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is the perfect everyday foundation that is 100% flawless, 0% noticeable.

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