Inside the Brand: Evologie

If you’ve been seeking effective, yet safe treatments for your breakouts and blemishes, Evologie products may be the solution for you. Created without benzoyl peroxide like some other acne treatments, Evologie products penetrate deeply, beyond the top layer of skin to foster your clearest and healthiest skin at the surface. Keep reading to find out more about how their innovative solutions can work for you.

How did the Evologie brand get its start?
Evologie was founded on a father’s love for his daughter. Dr. Robert Nagel’s daughter started suffering with monthly breakouts after giving birth to her son, a re-occurrence of breakouts that she experienced as a teen. She was seeking an effective and safe “solution”. Being curious about what was available on the market to help his daughter, Dr. Nagel discovered the limits of current over-the-counter acne treatments. Most commonly used brands such as Proactiv contain benzoyl peroxide, a harsh ingredient that can dry, irritate and damage skin with long-term use. Dr. Nagel consulted with medical physicians, and chemists to find an “alternative solution” without benzoyl peroxide for clear, healthy skin. Their combined efforts and ongoing research into treatments for acne-related skin problems and post-acne scarring resulted in an innovative, scientific solution using natural ingredients to control and manage acne-related and other disruptive skin conditions. The results from extensive clinical trials were so dramatic that Evologie quickly evolved into something much more — a complete skin transforming, multitasking skincare line. Users began to see significant improvement in their skin’s tone, texture and overall appearance, beyond just clearing blemishes. Today, Evologie continues to evolve beyond the most advanced skincare to revolutionize skin health.

Who would most benefit from the Evologie brand/product mission?
Evologie products are for everyone who wants to have clear, healthy skin. The Evologie difference is that most products stop at the surface, but Evologie works deeper to target the problem’s source. The extraordinary power of Evologie lies in its patent-pending, clinically proven, effective YS3 COMPLEX. This innovative trans-epidermal delivery system quickly and effectively penetrates skin’s defense barrier to deliver natural imperfection-fighting ingredients and high-performance hydration where skin needs it the most—at the source. In addition, a powerful combination of intense hydrators, amino acids, and protective antioxidants helps keep vital moisture in, and visible skin damage out for younger, healthier looking skin. Our products clear blemishes, help correct acne scarring and dark spots, as well as prevent breakouts. Evologie is good for all skin types regardless of skin type or ethnicity.

Tell us about your Intensive Blemish Serum product that our October subscribers are receiving.
We are excited to share the news that Evologie’s Intensive Blemish Serum was RANKED #1 among Rank & Style’s TOP 10 Best-Selling Acne Products and received this comment:

"What can we say? This one works and hundreds of people agree. This doctor-developed acne spot treatment is genius at penetrating the skin to attack built up dirt, oil and bacteria while also fading surface scars and hyperpigmentation."

Intensive Blemish Serum has been proven in clinical trials to rapidly banish visible blemishes, discoloration and surface scars WITHOUT BENZOYL PEROXIDE—well known to over-dry and irritate your skin. Our doctor-developed formula with patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX penetrates the skin, going straight to the source to eliminate trapped bacteria, dirt, and oil, delivering natural skin-repairing ingredients and intense hydrators where they are needed most for healthier, clear, radiant skin. Gently dab onto spots as needed. Or apply a thin film all over your face. Repeat twice a day, as needed.


What other Evologie product would work well with the Intensive Blemish Serum to create an even more effective skin solution?
We suggest cleansing with Stay Clear Cleanser, our advanced deep-cleansing formula that washes away bacteria and dissolves dulling impurities without drying. Natural ingredients with soothing botanicals leave skin feeling clean, soft and radiantly refreshed.

To keep skin hydrated, we suggest our Stay Clear Cream. It contains a combination of moisturizers, antioxidants, and collagen boosters in our patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX to strengthen skin’s natural protective barrier and prevent moisture loss. The ingredients work together to maintain critical moisture deep within skin’s surface, visibly brighten discoloration, restore smooth texture and help prevent breakouts.

Outside of your products, what tips would you share to help customers achieve clear skin?
Here are a few tips that everyone can add to their routine to help achieve clear, healthy skin.

  1. Drink lots of water - Water flushes out the body's impurities, to help your skin stay clear and look fresh.

  2. Eat antioxidant-rich foods - They give your skin a boost. Vitamin C in oranges, apples and wheat products actually builds collagen. Vitamin E in almonds and peanut butter can keep your skin cells intact, and prevent UV damage.

  3. Always wash your face before bed and after waking - Wash away makeup at night to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. In the morning it’s important to wash away the oils that were transferred from your skin onto your pillow and then rubbed back into your face.

If you missed the COCOTIQUE October Box, you can still purchase Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum in the COCOTIQUE Shop. To learn more about the Evologie brand, visit their website, and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.