Who knew giving yourself a mask could so fashionable? Well, thanks to Eve Milan, you can have an amazing spa-like experience at home with their aesthetically pleasing lace patterned mask. From the hands of an esthetician with over a decade of experience, founder, Eden Gilliam wanted to meet the needs of her clients and people everywhere by creating a product that was attractive and effective. Read all about how Gilliam intentionally created a holistic approach by using the best ingredients to improve common skin ailments.

How did the company get its start?

Eve Milan started as a skincare studio in 2009 after founder, Eden Gilliam discovered she was pregnant at 19 years old and needed to figure out a way to support her daughter. Eve Milan is actually an acronym that incorporates both her and her daughter’s name. What started off as a company that focused on corrective skincare services eventually expanded into a product line that would offer her clients skincare solutions that were both healthy and effective.

Tell us about the Lacial Masque?

The Lacial Masque™ is Eve Milan™| New York’s first product which is a fashion forward facemask that infuses great ingredients into the skin to hydrate and brighten. The stigma attached to women masking has always been a scary green mask that’s unattractive. We wanted to create something that delivered great results that was fun and a little fancy at the same time.

What are the key ingredients in the masque to help even one’s complexion?

Some of the key ingredients in the mask are Arbutin, which is naturally derived for the bearberry plant which blocks the formation of melanin associated with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and it’s a great alternative to hydroquinone. Ascorbic Acid, which is a form of Vitamin C, is another ingredient that encourages brightening and it also serves as an antioxidant along with Licorice Root another natural lightening agent that prevents hyperpigmentation.

What can women do to help prevent further hyperpigmentation?

One thing that women often overlook, especially as African Americans, is incorporating a spa into their skincare regimen. There are many causes of hyperpigmentation and one of the most difficult forms of it is to treat melasma, which is a hormonally induced discoloration, and in this case a good spa is a MUST. Aside from that, one rule I tell all of my clients is “ when you regularly use quality actives on your skin (good quality products that contain vitamins, antioxidants and peptides) your skin responds better and also heals better after a breakout preventing you from getting scars or brown spots.


What are the benefits of using a masque?

The Lacial masque has many purposes aside from brightening. One benefit in particular is that mask is extremely moisturizing and helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, which is an essential line of defense. Also, having to take some time to sit down and relax while the mask works its magic is another overlooked benefit. Sometimes taking a few seconds to rest and relax does more good than people would like to admit.

How do you incorporate a masque in your skincare routine?

A mask is cool because you can use it whenever you want and because the ingredients are so gentle you can use it as much as you want. But in a normal skincare routine if you incorporate a little masking time once a week that is ideal.

What other products from Eve Milan can you suggest to complement the masque?

Besides our masque being a great add-on, all of our products complement our masque. Adding any one of our cleansers to at home regimen will pair nicely.

What are the top three concerns that women have about skincare?

The top 3 concerns would be:

Discoloration/even skin tone:
As stated above, quality ingredients create healthy skin that performs and reacts better to trauma or inflammation. Some women feel like no matter what they do, they still get brown spots that can be super frustrating. One thing that I try to do is get ahead of the curve. If we can prevent the breakouts, then we can stop the discoloration. Once the breakouts have stopped, you can use our mask as well as our cleansers and toners that have brightening acids to lift the pigmentation or opt for professional treatments such as chemical peels and micro-needling to boost the effectiveness of the products you are using.

A smooth texture can be achieved by using a quality exfoliant. In my professional opinion, scrubs don't always do the trick, which is why we are developing a product that will address your texture and your glow effectively so stay tuned.

Clogged Pores/Pore Size:
One thing that we pride ourselves on, as a company is being honest and not giving false hope. Pore size is one of those tricky things where people want to see a result that may be a bit unrealistic. Because your pore size is correlated with your skin type a person with naturally oily skin (the best skin type to have!! Who knew?!) have larger pores just like a person with naturally drier skin has little to no pores. As long as your pores aren't clogged or over filled, they are able to shrink to as small as they can be naturally. So the key is to understand your skin type and have reasonable expectations and strive for clear pores by using acids and enzymes to keep them free and clear.

Top 3 concerns:

Not knowing what steps should be in their skincare routine.

Not knowing how to choose products that are right for them.

Not understanding ingredients/ what’s effective and what’s not.

What tips can you give women to pamper themselves?

Lacial Masque Hacks:

Hack #1-
Since the masque comes in a pouch, you can always put in the refrigerator before applying to help combat puffy tired eyes and give the face an invigorating feeling. The masque also increases circulation as well soothes breakouts.

Hack #2-
Our customers often say there is so much serum left over in each pouch which is why we encourage them to not only use it on the face, but to apply it to their neck and chest as well. Our customers tell us they pour the remaining serum in a small bottle and keep in the fridge and use it thought the week until it runs out. We are happy that they love the formulas so much and get such a great use out of one mask.

Hack #3-
During the winter months, we encourage our customers to boil water and pour it over the pouch and let it set until that serum heats up a bit. This way the masque is nice and warm and soaks right into the skin.

What’s next for Eve Milan?

There are so many things that we are developing in the near future. Our focus is content and educational videos to keep our customers well informed about the best skincare practices and in-depth information. We are also planning to launch a campaign to raise brand awareness and to help develop our next line of products. Ultimately, we are going to have products that work on the skin both externally and internally.

Each of our customers that purchase our Fall/Holiday Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box will get a Lacial Masque in their box. What is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

Skincare doesn’t have to be boring and it goes far beyond just the face. Use the serum in each pouch wherever you please to add moisture and nutrients. Take pictures and have fun with it!

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