Say goodbye to white antiperspirant marks on your clothes and say hello to a dry invisible spray with a clear finish. Dove has revolutionized a new way we wear antiperspirant without running our clothes before we leave the house.

Dove has been a staple in many of our homes for several years, what has been the brand’s key to success?

Dove has been committed to providing products ranging from hair care, to skincare to underarm care, while making beauty a source of confidence and not anxiety. Dove encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Authentic. Unique. Real.

Tell us about the Dry Spray Invisible Antiperspirant.

The active ingredient found in antiperspirants is a white powder and a primary contributor to what creates the white marks on your clothes. The powder becomes visible due to light scattering optical effect. The new anti-marks protection technology in Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant combines a finer milled active ingredient with an innovative masking oil that reduces the overall appearance of white marks. In addition to leaving no white marks on 100 colors, Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry, offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection, and Dove 1/4 moisturizers to care for skin.

What was the inspiration behind the concept of an invisible antiperspirant?

When discovering a white deodorant mark when getting dressed is aggravating for many women during their daily rush to get out the door. A new study* by Dove reveals that 9 in 10 women have experienced deodorant white marks and wish there was a deodorant that didn’t leave any marks on their clothes. The problem can be even more inconvenient when a white marks force women to overhaul a perfectly color-coordinated outfit, adding stress to their morning routine. Offering a solution, Dove introduced its new Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant that goes on invisible, leaving no white marks on 100 colors of clothing.

How does this antiperspirant work for sensitive skin?

It’s formulated with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizers to care for skin, leaving it, soft, smooth and hydrated.

What is the Dove difference?

Since 1957, Dove has been committed to providing women with products that deliver superior mildness and care. Today, the range spans many categories and countries. Dove, manufactured by Unilever, is the No. 1 personal wash brand nationwide. One in every three households uses a Dove product, which includes beauty bars, body washes, face care, anti-perspirant/deodorants, hair care, styling aids, and Dove Men+Care™.

What’s next for Dove?

Dove has launched a product line for babies, Baby Dove earlier this year. Now you can give your baby Rich Moisture from tip-to-toe with a selection of products developed specially for a baby’s skin that range from baby wipes to lotions. Dove also offers Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture for the babies who have sensitive skin.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a full size sample of the Dry Spray Invisible Antiperspirant in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

“Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant was created to solve one of the biggest needs in the deodorant category,” said Dawn Hedgepeth, Senior Director of U.S. Deodorants at Unilever. “Women can enjoy the confidence that comes with effective odor and wetness protection plus the security of knowing their clothes are protected.”

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*The survey, conducted by Edelman Intelligence, includes insights from 1,028 women across the US aged 18 to 54. The survey was conducted January 2017 using an online survey with a +/-3.06% margin of error.