When you think of company that has longevity, DAX is one brand that comes to mind. Since the 1950’s this brand has maintained its credibility by providing good product that people can depend on. Today the company has evolved with the natural hair care demands and has created new formulas to coincide with their new brand DAX For Naturals. We had a chance to chat with the global company about its new line of products.

Tell us how the brand has maintained its presence over the past 60 years.

From our foundation in the 1950’s till the present we’ve noticed how many brands trend and slowly fade out over time. Luckily, we’ve been able to persevere! We truly believe that people turn to our pomades because they work, and they live up to their intended purpose. We also have a loyal, international customer base that continuously trusts us for their hair care and styling needs.

What was the inspiration for creating DAX For Naturals?

In recent years there has been a shift in what clients and customers have demanded from us product-wise. A couple years ago, we launched our ‘Roots’ line, which was made up of petro-free products for people who chose to move away from grease products. While we did well with our Roots line, formulators at DAX created samples of hydrating butters, oils, and essential vitamins that would keep hair looking radiant while assisting in hair’s natural growth. After a while, we realized that improving one line, led us into creating our new DAX For Naturals products!

Is this line for people who just have natural hair?

Absolutely not! Intentionally we formulated our Combing Cream, Curling Cream, Styling Pomade, and Protein Treatment for women seeking to embrace their natural hair. But that does not mean that those who are transitioning to their natural roots, or have processed hair cannot benefit from using DFN, (DAX For Naturals) products. Our highly moisturizing formula was designed to help provide your hair with a healthy texture and appearance regardless of where you are in your hair journey.

What are the key ingredients in the Combing Cream?

The key ingredients in our DFN Combing Cream are the hydrating Shea Butter and Broccoli Seed Oil. DAX’s use of the Jojoba Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil give our product and your hair an added edge.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

Combined, these ingredients will give your hair a vibrant appearance, and a texture you’ll love. DAX’s mixture of Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil help hair quickly absorb essential vitamins into strands while working with your hair’s natural oil production. High in fatty acids, Shea Butter will seal in moisture to keep hair hydrated, while assisting with natural hair growth. Lastly, all of our DFN products contain Broccoli Seed Oil, a natural alternative to silicone.

Are there any silicones added?

No. Silicones have been known to be useful to provide hair with a smooth and replenished texture, however in the long term, users have been dissatisfied with its results. We took an alternative route by using Broccoli Seed Oil, used to replace hair’s natural elasticity without the use of harmful plastics and chemicals.

How do you use this Combing Cream?

Simply apply our hydrating DAX For Naturals Combing Cream liberally to damp hair to begin easily combing through kinks, knots, and matted strands. We hope to leave women with a product that that not only detangles, but helps them love their natural hair.

Tell us about your Styling Pomade.

Our DAX For Naturals line was created to help women easily maintain and embrace their natural hair, regardless of where they are in their natural hair journey. The DAX For Naturals Styling Pomade that you received in your COCOTIQUE Box has a soft vanilla scent with a hint of feminine, floral undertones. Our easily spreadable Styling Pomade’s moisture-rich formula will defy frizz while define your natural curls.

What are the key ingredients and their benefits in this pomade?

When it comes to the best maintenance and styling practices for your mane, DAX decided to use Broccoli Seed Oil and Passion Fruit Oil as our key ingredients in our Styling Pomade. Passion Fruit Oil is a well-known ingredient with several benefits that promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. We sought out Broccoli Seed Oil, an up-and-coming ingredient in the natural hair industry, for its ability to nourish damaged strands and because it’s a natural alternative to silicone.

What makes the DFN Styling Pomade different from traditional pomades?

Traditional pomades are designed to sustain controlled hairstyles that hold loose strands tightly in place. They are normally formulated from petroleum or grease, and traditional pomade users have difficulty removing this product from their hair. Our water-based, DAX For Naturals Styling Pomade will wash out of hair but softens brittle strands while providing the support your hair needs.

What can people expect after using this cream?

Styling aids such as Styling Pomade and our Combing Cream are designed to keep flyaways in place while restoring moisture to dehydrated strands. As far as the DFN Combing Cream goes, users can get the best results when it’s applied to damp, towel-dried hair. Work as much product through your strands as needed, and begin to comb/brush through your hair. From there you can expect an easier slip during your grooming process.

What’s next for DAX For Naturals?

Unfortunately, we’re a little limited on what is next for our brands and our line. However, we are looking to expand our DFN line by adding new products! So stay tuned!

Each of our monthly subscribers will receive a full size Combing Cream ans Styling Pomade in their January Box. What is the one thing you want to leave them with?

Overall, DAX is committed to providing our users with products that seal in moisture so men and women can have hair that feels just as healthy as it looks. While customers can expect the same results from our new DAX For Naturals line, our Curling Cream was specifically designed to make the maintenance on your hair as easy as possible.

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