Running a successful family owned business is more than just work for CEO and VP, Sara Perez Jarrett, it’s actually something that she really loves. We talked to Jarrett about how she worked her way up the corporate ladder from working the registers to ultimately understanding every aspect of the business. Salud was founded over 25 years ago and has been committed to the science of natural medicine, as well incorporating those practices in educating consumers about the benefits of their products. Learn more about how Sara Perez Jarrett balances her day-to-day demands as a wife, mother and an executive.

Tell us about a day in the life of Sarah Perez Jarrett?

Each morning I wake up, pray and I reflect on my life, my goals, and my blessings. I then get my three-year-old son ready for school and myself for the day.

I arrive at work by 8:15 AM and prioritize my day by going through emails and check-in with my team. We try to get any “fires” out of the way first thing, then set a plan, so the rest of the day can run as smoothly as possible. After a full day of meetings, ideation, and calls, I wrap up and head home by 5pm to ensure I’m able to prepare dinner and spend quality time with my family.

Once my son is tucked in and fast asleep, I check back into work but aim to disconnect completely by 8pm. From there, it’s me time -- whether that’s watching a movie with my husband on the couch or reading a book currently, I’m reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

You are truly an inspiration for a lot of women in the workforce, tell us about how you started running Salud.

Salud (formerly Salud Para Todos) is a family business that’s been around for almost 30 years. I’ve been involved for as long as I can remember. I was five working the register! So when the need came for me to step into a larger role within the company, it felt natural and scary, but natural.

Before officially becoming CEO in 2010, I worked the registers, answered calls in the call center, packed and distributed our goods, and met with each employee individually. I wanted to become an expert in every discipline so I can lead from a position of knowledge, but more importantly understanding and empathy.

What is your commitment to natural medicine?

Because of my upbringing, healing through nature is my first instinct. I am a first-hand witness to the healing that can come from nature. I, along with my sister, am committed to educating wider communities about it. We are committed to preserving the science of natural medicine.

Not only are you the Vice President and CEO of Salud, you are also the COO of Rigoball International, tell us about your role with that company.

My father invented Rigoball in the early 2000’s and it quickly became a passion project for our entire family. While it’s not my main focus, I actively assist in business development and community outreach.

For those who not familiar with Rigoball, please tell us more about the company.

It’s a new, innovative sport discipline we’d like to introduce to the world. I can’t share much more now, so you will have to wait and see what we do with it!

How do you balance such a demanding workload?

I truly love and believe in what I do, so I don’t equate Salud with work. I believe its part of my greater purpose in life. I found that with that perspective, I always find the energy, patience, and drive to keep going -- no matter how large or tedious the task, or long the workday.

What advice do you have for women who aspire to become leaders in their industries?

Be honest, humble and wise. Be honest with your strengths, be humble enough to recognize when your weaknesses, and be wise enough to ask for help.

What’s the best advice that you’ve received in your career?

Never be afraid to walk away.

What has been your biggest challenge and your biggest opportunity in business?

Downsizing our company to ensure its survival was by far my biggest challenge but after the fact, it became my greatest opportunity. With that experience I learned the true value of solid team and positive infrastructure.

What do you attribute your success to?

I’d have to say, my father’s tenacity and the unwavering dedication of the entire Salud family. We are blessed to work with a committed and an amazing team. Any and all success is not mine aloe.

What are you most grateful for?

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love, all while preserving my father's legacy. Being able to provide superior products to our customers and make a meaningful difference in our community is a blessing. I’m also thankful to be surrounded by a team as passionate as I am!

What’s next for Sarah?

Upward growth -- personal and professional. The best is yet to come!

What are the top three products in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal- what can’t you live without?

Maria Firming Cream: I use it every night without fail. Hands down, it’s the best facial moisturizer.

Elisa Rejuvenating Cream: I use this before my makeup regimen. I feel like it helps my makeup blend so well.

Mabella Facial Cleanser: The activated charcoal in it leaves my face feeling so clean. After cleansing, my face feels like the day comes off with it.

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