Inside the Brand: African Pride

With formulas that highlight primary ingredients like olive oil and Shea butter, African Pride has got products that will strengthen and protect hair of all types and textures. A part of the Strength of Nature Company, they are committed to understanding the hair care needs of African American women, and providing them with options whether their hair is natural or relaxed. Learn more about their mission, and their products in this Inside the Brand feature.

African Pride is a part of the Strength of Nature Company. What originally inspired the mission of "consumer hair care education and the development and manufacture of innovative hair care solutions for Women of Color"?
Strength of Nature continually creates products that meet the ever-evolving needs of women of color. We want to evolve, grow, and be different. We want to meet the need as it’s trending, not research it then catch it 4 years later and say, “Wait! Women are going natural! Let’s jump on this natural train.” We very much have our finger on the pulse of the trend. We understand that African American women are no longer monolithic; we understand while 46% of women are natural – that still leaves you with 54% of women still getting relaxers. We still have to create products that meet that need too. We are excited that we can embrace that change and growing trend while still able to serve the market that still chemically treats their hair.

African Pride has several product lines, but there are two that focus on two different primary natural ingredients. Tell us about the differences between your Olive Miracle and your Shea Butter Miracle products--do they both target the same consumer?
African Pride Olive Miracle
African Pride Olive Miracle's Vitamin-rich Olives and Herbal Oil extracts helps to strengthen and protect, while providing nutrients to the hair & scalp that may be damaged from excessive heat-styling and environmental factors. It helps to restore and retain hair and scalp’s health, vitality and natural luster for hair of any texture, natural or relaxed.

African Pride Shea Butter Miracle
African Pride Shea Butter Miracle is infused with African Shea Butter and Herbal Oil extracts that softens, defines and quenches curls. The moisture-rich formula hydrates and conceals moisture, specifically for natural textured hair.

What makes African Pride's products stand apart from other products on the market that are targeted at women of color?
Definitely our packaging--we are probably the only ethnic manufacturer with sleeve packaging, meaning the entire bottle is covered with vibrant colors, and more graphically expressive. It’s an expensive mechanism that we have in place. We also do match formulations, which makes our products competitive with more expensive brands but at a cheaper price point.

Our June subscribers received your Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion. Is it more ideal for women who wear their hair curly, or those who wear their hair straight?
African Pride® Olive Miracle formula is rich in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the ultimate in silky smooth deep conditioned hair and a moisture-rich healthy scalp. It works well with any hair texture, natural or relaxed.

Regular use:

  • Stops breakage, split ends, dryness

  • Repairs dry, damaged hair

  • Non-greasy, light formula

  • Provides a healthy looking sheen

Any hair care tips for summer that you would like to share with our readers?
Deep condition your hair at least once a week to combat dryness and retain moisture. For swimmers, try saturating your hair with a little of our leave-in conditioner before heading to the pool. This will help shield your strands from soaking up tons of chlorine. Remember, have fun and don't be afraid to try something new with your hair!

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