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Often times, women may experience dry and or extra sensitive skin when they’re on their cycles. This is due to a hormonal change that causes oil levels to decrease leaving the skin dry, itchy or flaky. If you can’t blame dry skin on your hormones, you can also thank the weather and depending on which coast or climate you’re in that could definitely be the problem. The one key to boosting the skin out of distress is hydration. We are happy to introduce you to Rael Beauty's Hydration Sheet Mask. This silky-soft bamboo sheet mask is made with natural fruit ingredients designed to leave your skin with a soft dewy glow. Besides being environmentally friendly, bamboo is way more absorbent than organic cotton. This Hydration Facial Sheet Mask breaks the cycle with its natural ingredients:
  • Pineapple Extract - Instantly hydrates and brightens skin tone
  • Orange Fruit Extract - Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Rose Extract - Promotes a plumper, refreshed look.
  1. Gently unfold sheet mask and use on a cleansed face.
  2. Place sheet mask accordingly on your face for 10-20 minutes
  3. Remove and pat or use a jade roller to work the excess essence into your skin.
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