Get Softer Lips Overnight

If you are concerned about dry chapped lips, we have an excellent solution for you. You will love the 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask from Andalou Naturals in the September 2023 Box. What is a lip sleeping mask you ask? A lip sleeping mask is a leave-on overnight lip treatment that helps to hydrate, nourish, and protect the lips. It is typically applied before bed and left on to work its magic while you sleep. 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask is made with antioxidant rich Alpine Rose Stem Cells, fruit extracts, and Rosehip Oil to help protect and restore lips for smoother, softer-looking pout. Find out more about This amazing lip treatment and the benefits of its natural ingredients. 

How did Andalou Naturals get its start? 

Andalou Naturals was founded in sunny California with a pioneering vision to develop naturally derived beauty products that push the boundaries of beauty, science, and the empowerment of women. In the words of our founder, Stacey Kelly Egide, “For Andalou Naturals, my goal was to create an empowerment brand with a mission to influence the industry to do better.”

How important is natural skincare for Andalou Naturals?

From day one, we’ve embraced the power of Nature’s Intelligence® as our guiding muse. We believe in nature’s unique ability to adapt and evolve as the ultimate problem solver, which is why naturally derived ingredients are at the heart of all of our products. With natural, good-for-you formulas derived from nature, we believe you should never have to compromise ethics in favor of efficacy.

Talk to us about stem cell science and fruit extracts and how they benefit the skin.

From the very beginning our brand has been built around an incredible biotechnological innovation we believe in: Fruit Stem Cell Science®. ​ This patented Liposomal Technology allows us to sustainable harness the miraculous longevity protecting powers of extraordinary plant varieties to promote the vitality of your skin’s own stem cells. The result? Precise solutions tailored to all your skin needs and a healthy, youthful complexion overall.

Plus, by cultivating stem cells in a lab environment, we’re able to unlock and appreciate the powers of rare plant cultivars without threatening their extinction and significantly reducing environmental impact from farming at the same time. 

What inspired the 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask?

The idea for our 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask came as a result of heavy mask-wearing during the height of Covid-19 when constantly applying lip balm to dry lips wasn’t as easy to do. We wanted to create a lip care product that would have long-lasting effects that would eliminate the need to constantly be reapplying lip balm. 

What are the benefits of using roses in skincare?

The Alpine Rose Stem Cells at the heart of all of our 1000 Roses products are derived from a rare rose variety that is able to grow in extreme conditions in the Swiss alps. Our Stem Cell Technology allows us to capture these incredible adaptive powers for the skin, helping improve skin vitality and protect the delicate skin barrier from oxidative stress. 

What other key ingredients are in the 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask?

The 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask is infused with a soothing blend of oils and natural emollients such as Rosehip Oil plus antioxidant-rich fruit extracts to help protect and restore lips.

What can women expect after using the 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask?

Expect improved appearance of dry, chapped lips with each use and a smoother, softer-looking pout.

What is the best way to use 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask?

The 1000 Roses Lip Sleeping Mask can be used either by applying to lips before bed and leaving on overnight or as a daily treatment applied throughout the day-- anytime your lips need extra care.

What other products from Andalou Naturals can you suggest to our subscribers?

Complete your lip care routine with our 1000 Roses Perfecting Lip Sugar Scrub, or explore more Alpine Rose Stem Cell-powered skincare products from our Sensitive 1000 Roses Skincare collection, designed to help support a healthy skin microbiome and a visibly soft, soothed complexion.


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