While many of you are at home thinking there’s no need to get dressed up because you’re not going anywhere, let’s not forget about being camera-ready for your next virtual social call. That’s right social networking is at an all-time high. Whether you’re having a LIVE chat with your friends, celebrating someone’s birthday or anniversary or ending your day with a happy hour, you have to be on point. And of course, your March Box has exactly what you need. We have teamed up with Black Radiance to introduce you to two of their latest products, Perfect Tone Lip Color and Artisan Color Baked Blush. Check out why you’ll want to add these two products to your next beat. If you’re looking for a lip color that will give you lasting coverage for any skin one, you’ll want to try the Perfect Tone Lip Color in Treasured Brown. Not only will you love the long staying power of this lip color, it is extremely moisturizing. Made with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to give your lips the moisture that they need. If you’d like to really achieve the perfect lip, you can stake it a step further and gently exfoliate your lips with a damp washcloth after washing your face with a couple of good wipes. Then you’re ready to apply your lip color.
Check out what one subscriber has to say about the Perfect Tone Lip Color:
Shadae gives it 5 Stars and says:
"I just have to say that as soon as I received this lipstick I was so damn hyped! It's sleek to the touch and it's so vibrant and smooth! It instantly became my favorite lipstick. The color pigment is just the right amount of red that it will just look good on any skin tone."
There’s nothing like a product that has multiple uses. You can use this highly pigmented Artisan Baked Blush wet or dry. For a strobe highlight, color or contour you can use this as a dry blush as you would with any other blush. You can also use this special formula wet as a sheer cream that glides on smoothly for a more dramatic look. Here are a couple of ways you can play with the Artisan Baked Blush to achieve your desired look:
Chiseled Cheeks:
Emphasize the cheekbones with a soft, subtle layer of cheek color. Apply blush sideways on your cheekbones over makeup or moisturizer, and then blend from cheeks to temples.
Contoured Look:
Use a deeper shade in the "hollow" of the cheekbone. Don’t forget to show us your camera-ready look, tag @COCOTIQUE, #COCOTIQUE and @BlackRadianceBeauty,#BlackRadiance and we will share it on our Instagram page. For more makeup tips you can check out Black Radiance’s video tutorials and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.