Looking to get away? As we continue to quarantine during this unfortunate pandemic, many of us can’t wait until we can relax under a palm tree with a nice tropical breeze and beverage. No worries, we can help change your mindset with the March Self-Care Must-Have Bag delivered to your door with the new Papaya Castor haircare collection from EDEN Bodyworks. You will fall in love with the amazing scent of papaya combined with mango, which will make you think that your next refill is on its way. This collection addresses everything from scalp care to styling. When you dig into your bag, you will find 5 haircare products that you will help you reach your healthy hair goals. Read all about the collection’s key ingredients and it’s benefits and how to use each product.
What inspired the Papaya Castor Collection?
We wanted to create a collection inspired by the natural goodness that can be found in the Caribbean. The goal was for the line to encourage healthy scalp care from cleansing all the way to styling and daily maintenance. Of course, the collection had to smell yummy too!
Why papaya and castor oil?
Papaya is fortified with healing Vitamins A & C, to banish itchy dandruff and stubborn buildup. Castor Oil is ultra-moisturizing and protective to the hair shaft.
Talk to us about the importance of scalp care.
Healthy hair is always the goal, and healthy hair starts at the scalp. It is important to remember that the scalp is also skin. Much like the skin on our face or the rest of our body, it needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the pores can breathe. It also needs to be moisturized and fed nutrients so that it doesn’t grow dry or flakey.
How often should we cleanse our scalp?
Everyone’s scalp is a little different. How often it should be cleansed depends on the dryness or oiliness of each particular scalp and/or how quickly they develop build up. For instance, someone who works out daily or goes swimming often will likely need to cleanse more often than someone who doesn’t. However, a general rule of thumb for many with kinky/curly hair is to shampoo once per week. CoWashing can also be incorporated between shampoos, if necessary.
Your Scalp Cleanser is gentle enough to use daily. Is that recommended for all hair types?
Many curly and coily hair types do not need to cleanse daily, however, depending on the individual (ex: if you sweat often, swim frequently, etc.), that may not be the case. Finer hair types prone to developing buildup quickly, or those with wavy or straight hair may prefer to cleanse daily. No matter the frequency, the Scalp Cleanser is a safe and gentle option that will cleanse and refresh without stripping the hair.
What are the key ingredients in the Scalp Cleanser?
Papaya and Castor Oil, of course, along with Aloe Vera, and Apple Cider Vinegar.
How will these ingredients benefit our hair and scalp?
Papaya’s vitamin-rich makeup helps heal the scalp while Castor Oil moisturizes it. Aloe Vera has properties that alleviate flakes and irritation, and break down dead skin + product build up that can block hair follicles from growing. Apple Cider Vinegar is anti-inflammatory, which means it can help treat and soothe scalp irritations like dandruff. It also exfoliates and naturally breaks down buildup.
The idea of a Foam Conditioner is great. What inspired the foam?
We wanted to create a leave-in conditioner that would be lightweight enough for layering other styling products, but that could also provide a little frizz control by itself. Foam spreads through the hair with ease, which is a great quality to have in a leave-in conditioner. It allows for the nutrients to be thoroughly and evenly distributed even more so than they would be with most cream conditioners.
This is also a leave-in. Will it create any buildup on the hair or scalp?
The Foam Conditioner will not leave behind any buildup. It was specifically formulated to be a leave-in conditioner - light enough to be absorbed by the hair and layered/mixed with other styling products. It serves as a great style primer.
How can the key ingredients benefit the hair?
We know that Papaya and Castor Oil deliver a plethora of vitamins that heal and hydrate, but the other key ingredient, Mango Butter, is high in antioxidants and fatty acids. It is also nutrient-rich and helps to soften and seal moisture into the strand, protecting it from becoming brittle or damaged from environmental factors. &nbsp &nbsp
What is the Conditioning Hairdress and how do you use it?
The Conditioning Hairdress is a moisturizer/sealant. Take a little of the product and rub it between finger tips. It will melt to an oil-like consistency. The product can then be applied to the hair to help smooth down an updo (get rid of flyaways), or it can be applied directly to ends to help protect them and seal in moisture. Finally, the Hairdress can also be used to coat fingers just before taking down twists or braids. It prevents the style from becoming frizzy.
Is this for all hair types?
Yes! The Hairdress can be used for all hair types. Its primary purpose is to help moisturize dry hair, regardless of texture.
What are the key ingredients in the Nourishing Curl Jam?
Along with Papaya and Castor Oil, some of its other key ingredients in the Nourishing Curl Jam are Mango Seed Butter and Vitamins A, C and E. Mango Seed Butter is a great moisture sealant and it helps smooth out and protect the hair shaft. Vitamins A, C and E heal irritated skin, increase circulation, and contain healthy sebum that protect + strengthen the hair from breakage.
Is this styling product for all hair types?
As the name suggests, the Curl Jam is intended for curly/coily hair types. It can be used for both loose and tighter curls. We like to refer to its consistency as a creamy jelly - it provides great moisture and a lasting hold for defined twist and braid out styles.
What are the benefits of the Scalp Massaging Serum?
The Serum helps cool and calm the scalp. It hydrates + allows the scalp to directly absorb vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy hair growth between styles.
Is this for all hair types?
Yes! The Scalp Massaging Serum can be used for all hair types. It is to be used directly on the scalp rather than on the actual hair strand, so whether you have thick, fine, coily or wavy hair, you’ll reap the same great benefits.
How often should this serum be used?
The Serum can be used daily, or just here and there between wash days, as needed.
If used as a hair care system, how should Papaya Castor be used?
Step 1: Wash with the Scalp Cleanser (makes a great detangler too), then rinse. Step 2: Apply the Foam Conditioner from root to tip and leave in. Step 3: Apply the Nourishing Curl Jam to hair in sections for added moisture and definition. Step 4: Melt a little of the Conditioning Hairdress between your fingertips and apply to ends. Step 5: Style as usual (twist, braid, or leave loose for a wash ‘n go). USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE COCOTIQUE20 FOR 20% OFF SITEWIDE AT EDENBODYWORKS.COM EXPIRES MAY 31, 2020 AT 11:59 PM EST To keep up with EDEN Bodyworks, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.